Mushroom Benefits for Women

You’ve no doubt heard of superfoods, those exotic dietary magicians that can supercharge your health while being light on calories at the same time. Well, it’s not just blueberries, nuts, and seeds – there’s one family of true powerhouse health foods that many women unfortunately still ignore.

It’s the humble mushroom!

Consumed for thousands of years in the East for their healing properties and rich nutritional value, mushrooms have traditionally been ignored in the West despite their immense benefits to our health. 

For women, in particular, mushrooms can be that elusive key towards unlocking your body’s full potential that your current diet might have been missing out on. 

If you want to discover just how adding mushrooms to your diet can completely revamp your health for the better, read on below!


Key Takeaways

  • Mushrooms offer significant health benefits for women, particularly during menopause, by helping manage symptoms and providing essential vitamins like D2 to prevent bone loss and balance moods.
  • Mushrooms are rich in folic acid, making them a healthier alternative to synthetic supplements during pregnancy, supporting healthy fetal growth and development.
  • Mushrooms are a powerhouse for general health, boosting the immune system, promoting better mental health, and aiding weight loss. 



During menopause, the female body changes dramatically, altering our metabolism and many aspects of our overall health. Mushrooms are among the few natural food sources that may help manage many of the resulting symptoms of menopause, such as low estrogen.

Mushrooms contain many important vitamins not found in most fruits or vegetables, such as D2, which may prevent the degenerative bone loss that many women experience as they enter menopause. 

Mushrooms have also been shown to help balance our moods, preventing the frequent mood swings that menopausal women are all too familiar with.


Hormonal Health

Our body’s internal hormone balance affects our health to a huge extent. As nearly every hormone in our system gets reshuffled during menopause, glitches only become more common and can be quite severe.

Mushrooms can help mitigate some of the adverse outcomes of hormonal imbalances.

Studies have shown that mushrooms activate our immune system and help detoxify our bloodstream, preventing hormonal autoimmune reactions.



Getting pregnant is probably the single most radical task you can subject your body to. The degree of physical exertion, hormonal and metabolic activity, and mental toll that we experience during pregnancy are second to none.

One of the dietary requirements that pregnant (or soon-to-be) mothers are probably already familiar with is folate. Folate, or folic acid, is a compound that most of us don’t consume that much of in our everyday diet, yet it is vital in the healthy growth and development of the fetus.

Among all of nature’s gifts, mushrooms contain some of the highest known concentrations of folic acid. Therefore, they make a great and much healthier alternative to synthetic folate supplements that are often marketed to pregnant women.

We take a closer look at if lion's Mane is safe during pregnancy in this companion article.  


General Health

Apart from the above, mushrooms also boost your health in many ways to improve your quality of life year-round.

  • They may boost your immune system, shield your body from disease, and fight infections more effectively.
  • They may make you feel calmer and more focused and improve your short-term memory by promoting a healthy brain.
  • Some mushrooms may lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, a crucial factor in preventing type 2 diabetes.
  • Mushrooms are also beneficial for cardiovascular health, improving blood flow, preventing clots from forming, and decreasing the risk of several types of cardiovascular disease.


Boost Immune System

As we mentioned just earlier, mushrooms are real immune heroes, supercharging our body’s response to infections and disease to improve our health.

As strong anti-inflammatory agents, mushrooms take a big load off of our body’s internal processes and improve the efficiency of its immune reactions.


Weight Loss

Given that they’re low-calorie, high-protein superfoods rich in vitamins, minerals, and many other essential ingredients, it’s truly a miracle that mushrooms haven’t established themselves yet as the number one food for weight loss worldwide!

Mushrooms are an extremely effective addition to almost any diet because they pack many nutrients into a package that’s still light on the stomach. And more than that, they also tend to be light in taste and cost, which makes it easy to incorporate large volumes of mushrooms into your existing recipes.


Cordyceps Benefits for Women

The cordyceps is one of the most distinctive and well-known medicinal mushrooms with an ancient consumption tradition going back thousands of years.

Since ancient times, it has been known as an aphrodisiac, a natural remedy for low libido – and more recent studies have scientifically confirmed these age-old beliefs.

Indeed, cordyceps contains numerous rare compounds that may re-balance your hormonal household and thus improve your sex drive and generally improve your mood and energy levels.

In doing so, cordyceps may also reduce stress and inflammation. Its healing powers have even been shown to extend to past bedtime!

Yes, cordyceps and some of its active ingredients may balance our circadian rhythm, leading to more high-quality sleep with fewer interruptions and allowing us to get more rest.

This, coupled with the mushroom’s unique ability to boost our metabolism and stamina, makes it an excellent workout supplement.

Athletes have used cordyceps for ages to supercharge their gains, but anyone can benefit from a little bit of extra endurance and energy throughout the day!


Reishi Mushroom Benefits for Women

Reishi is one of a group of mushrooms with a long history as a medicinal herb and as a culinary ingredient. It carries strong anti-inflammatory properties and holistically detoxifies the body, improving skin quality and slowing down visible signs of aging.

This also positively affects our cellular health under the hood: by detoxifying our organs and removing free radicals, reishi protects cells from damage, preventing abnormalities from forming.

The reishi mushroom has long reigned as one of the best natural anti-aging remedies for good reason! Beyond that alone, it may also improve your overall health in some other ways.

For example, like other mushrooms, the reishi is very rich in healthy vitamins. It is also very low in calories and fats, making it an excellent addition to any weight loss program.


Chaga Mushroom Benefits

The chaga mushroom might not be the most appetizing to look at in its raw form, resembling a chunk of burnt wood or charcoal.

However, beneath that appearance lies one of nature’s most impressive superfoods and one of the strongest antioxidants known to man (and woman).

Chaga is the equivalent of spring cleaning on your body’s chemical household: it sweeps up everything, from internal inflammation to free radicals, blood sugar, cholesterol, and damaged cells, and flushes it all out of your system.

As a remedy for inflammatory conditions like IBS and as a supplement for women with insulin resistance, thanks to its effects on the bloodstream, chaga is second to none.

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