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Cordyceps Benefits for Females


As a woman, you have a lot of responsibilities towards your family, work, and social circle. This means your health may take the back seat, and you’ll compromise on your health, life, and happiness. If you wish to continue reigning as the queen you are, you need to focus on your health. 

You need cordyceps. 

Cordyceps are medicinal mushrooms that have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. Back then, healers used them to concoct medicines for respiratory diseases, kidney disorders, etc.

Nowadays, they’re used as potent adaptogens that can increase energy levels and reduce fatigue. 


Key Takeaways

  • Cordyceps, a medicinal mushroom, offers several benefits for women, including rebalancing sex hormones, supporting PMS symptoms, helping with menopause, improving libido, and enhancing fertility.
  • Two species of cordyceps, cordyceps militaris and cordyceps sinensis, provide specific health benefits such as improved physical performance, anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties, and enhanced sexual potency and desire.
  • While cordyceps has many advantages, it is generally safe for short-term use. However, mild side effects like diarrhea, nausea, and dry mouth may occur. It should be avoided by individuals allergic to molds or yeasts, those on diabetic medications or blood thinners, those scheduled for surgery, and pregnant or nursing women. Proper dosage and product quality should be considered, and any unusual symptoms should be reported to a healthcare provider.


Cordyceps Mushroom Benefits

Adding cordyceps mushrooms to your diet can provide you with numerous benefits. For women specifically, this mushroom will help with the following. 

  • Re-Balancing Sex Hormones: Cordyceps helps with the filtration and movement of blood. This, in turn, regulates detoxification and helps re-balance female sex hormones. 
  • Support for PMS Symptoms: This is one of the best medicinal mushrooms for women during PMS. Its energizing properties may help you feel less tired and more energetic. 
  • Help with Menopause: Women experiencing menopause will benefit from cordyceps. The mushroom may help counter the effects of low estrogen; these include irritability and mood swings. It may also inhibit the breakdown of monoamine oxidase, which are enzymes that break down the feel-good hormone serotonin. 
  • Improved Libido: While cordyceps is known for boosting male libido, there have been reports of it producing the same effect in women. This could be true since the mushroom helps you fight against hormone imbalances, stress, and fatigue. 
  • Enhanced Fertility: Cordyceps is highly recommended by fertility specialists. In fact, women undergoing IVF treatments and those struggling with infertility are sometimes instructed to use it. 

However, these aren’t the only advantages you can get from cordyceps. You can reap more benefits depending on the mushroom species you choose. 

While there are over 400 species of cordyceps, two species are thoroughly studied: cordyceps sinensis and cordyceps militaris

Cordyceps Militaris Benefits

By opting for supplements that contain cordyceps militaris, you can enjoy numerous health benefits such as the following. 

  • Improved Physical Performance: Supplements with this species of cordyceps may improve your physical performance and tolerance to high-intensity exercise. 
  • Anti-Oxidative Properties: C. militaris is rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant that may protect your cells and remove anti-radicals from the liver. 
  • Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Microbial Properties: The mushroom may inhibit the growth of microorganisms that cause inflammation. Its anti-microbial properties are also effective against viruses. 
  • Manage Blood Sugar Levels: Extracts of this species may significantly reduce blood glucose levels. They improve glucose metabolism while suppressing both cholesterol and triglycerides. 

Cordyceps Sinensis Benefits

Cordyceps sinensis has its own set of advantages for those who consume it. Some benefits you can expect are: 

  • Enhanced Sexual Potency: This is the species you should be consuming to enhance sexual potency and desire. There is also a lot of evidence indicating it may be effectively used as a female aphrodisiac. 
  • Longevity Promotion: The mushroom has a reputation as a longevity-promoting herb. Studies are underway to collect more information on this claim.  


Cordyceps Side Effects

With so many advantages, you may be wondering if there are any dangers to consuming this mushroom’s extracts. 

Cordyceps is safe for short-time use, but you may experience some mild side effects like diarrhea, nausea, and dry mouth. These will go away once you stop taking the mushroom. A less common side effect is developing a lingering metallic taste. This may take longer to disappear than other side effects. 

Despite the relative safety of cordyceps, its action is still poorly understood. Therefore, you may want to avoid trying this mushroom if: 

  • You’re allergic to molds or yeasts.
  • You’re on diabetic medications. 
  • You take blood thinners or anti-clotting drugs.  
  • You’re scheduled to undergo surgery. 
  • You’re pregnant or nursing.


Cordyceps Dosage 

Ideally, adults should take 3-6 grams orally every day for up to one year. However, you don’t have to worry about weighing your dosage since the mushroom is usually available as capsules, tablets, or powder. You can simply follow the recommended dosage on the product label. 

While you may find dried whole mushrooms, try avoiding these. You can’t be sure if you’re getting c. sinensis, c. militaris, or one of the other 400 species. 

Finally, if you develop any unusual symptoms, stop consuming the mushrooms and contact your healthcare provider. 


Best Way to Take Cordyceps

If you still decide to use raw or fresh cordyceps, you may face some difficulty finding whole fruiting bodies. But once you do, make sure to break down the outer chitin layer using heat. You can then cook it in food or steep it in tea. 

The more popular way of taking cordyceps is through mushroom extracts. These are readily available as tinctures, capsules, or powdered extracts. 

Cordyceps Mushroom Powder

Opt for the former if you have to choose between cordyceps mushroom powder or capsules. While equivalent in dosing and effectiveness, their quality may be better. Especially if the label mentions 25% beta-glucans (1:1 hot water extract). 

To help you choose the best mushroom powder, be on the lookout for: 

  • Evidence of Thorough Testing: Dietary supplements aren’t required to undergo rigorous testing. However, brands that value quality and safety prioritize testing and certification from recognized certifying bodies like ConsumerLab. 
  • “Yeast-Free” Labels: Choose powders that explicitly mention they’re yeast-free. This means they’re free from molds that contaminate dried mushroom products. 
  • Brand Reputation: According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, some herbal products may have drugs, toxins, or heavy metals. They may even not include the ingredients on the label. So, learn about the company offering the powder before you purchase from it. 

If you wish to save yourself hours of due diligence, here’s a good recommendation – TUNE IN

This powdered drink fulfills the above criteria, but also combines several medicinal and adaptogenic mushrooms, including cordyceps, and herbs in convenient and deliciously flavored powders you can add to your favorite drink. You can ensure your overall physical and mental health with each dose you consume. 

Get Ready to Make Your Health a Priority!

Simply begin supplementing with cordyceps and discover a healthier, happier you. You owe it to yourself with everything you do!

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