Four Sigmatic Alternatives

Mushroom coffee is one of the newest buzz products in the wellness industry. From premade drinks made from already ground coffee, creamer or vegan milk substitute, and different adaptogenic ingredients to coffee with mushrooms blended in, this new hype has claimed to help with energy and mood-boosting properties to individuals looking for new products to help their energy levels.

Now, are these products up to the hype? Four Sigmatic, one of the key companies crafting these types of coffee and mushroom blends, has been recently popping off on social media. Still, if you are looking for an alternative to match the vibes but also skip coffee, you landed in the right place.

In this article, we quickly reviewed what this brand provides, its general benefits and side effects, and some Four Sigmatic Alternatives that can boost your day without the need for caffeine. So, let’s start by taking apart what Four Sigmatic creates as a brand.


Key Takeaways

  • Four Sigmatic is a brand that crafts health and wellness products, specializing in coffee and mushroom blends.
  • While mushroom coffee might be an innovative take to lower your caffeine intake, some people might have different reasons to look for alternatives to these drinks, like not liking coffee or not being able to try caffeine-based drinks.
  • Some benefits of this mushroom coffee latte product include feeling energized, getting a clear-headed feeling, and a long-term positive mood.
  • Some side effects from taking this drink might include gastrointestinal issues like acid reflux or bowel movement, and individuals facing sensitivity to caffeine might get their side effects as well, like getting jittery, nervous, or feeling unable to get back to sleep.
  • The best Four Sigmatic alternative is the innovative powdered drink TUNE IN, a delicious beverage with vitamins, minerals, low-calorie, vegan, organic, and no caffeine content.


What is Four Sigmatic?

Let’s first talk about Four Sigmatic. Established in 2012, this brand specializes in health and wellness products, mainly focused on mushroom-based drinks and products. They currently offer coffee beans and mushroom blends, pre-ground coffee and shroom drinks, creamers, and protein shakes.

Some of their products and packs have different goals, including helping with focus, energy, mood, or even gut support. In general, they’ve created products for individuals who want a natural, plant-based solution and love coffee, or at least for most of their massive array of coffee-based products.

To put it simply, they’ve created products that can help you with energy and mood, with ingredients like lion’s mane, Rhodiola, mucuna, ashwagandha, and yacon juice. They also use coconut milk powder and protein powder in most of their premade drinks, which are vegan-friendly but not allergenic-friendly.


Why Would You Want a Four Sigmatic Alternative?

So, why would you prefer an alternative to the popular shroom coffee? Well, caffeine. 

While this substance can definitely be beneficial to drinkers, it can also lead to nasty side effects if your body is not used to it. While we’ll touch more on that later, caffeine and coffee in general might not be the best fit for everyone due to their possible effects.

Some people also don’t really like the taste of coffee or are allergic to some of the components, specifically some nondairy alternatives used in their products, like coconut milk, fruits, nuts, or even coffee itself. 

But before we further dive into the side effects and four of our preferred alternatives, let’s dive into the benefits and effects that their products suggest.


Benefits and Effects

Some potential benefits from Four Sigmatic on their website depend on the blend you look for; some creamers claim to help with mental focus and energy, while others have a more relaxing effect. 

That said, their organic coffee and mushroom blend gives you a clear-headed boost, enhancing mental focus, helping to balance your energy, and creating a long-term positive mood.


Side Effects

Mushroom coffee can have some effects on digestive issues. While it is a generally lower caffeine alternative to your regular bean juice, it can still trigger gastrointestinal problems for people sensitive to caffeine, including bowel movement, irritation, or acid reflux.

Other side effects from consuming this chemical can include nervousness, jitteriness, increased blood pressure, palpitations, irritability, and even trouble falling asleep. So, while it does reduce caffeine intake, people who react to it might still experience this type of side effect in the long term.


Best Four Sigmatic Alternatives

Now that we’ve taken a quick look at Four Sigmatic’s benefits and possible side effects let’s talk about alternatives to this product. 

Coffee and caffeine are not the best choices for everyone, especially people with a sensitivity to these products or who might suffer from acid reflux or gastrointestinal issues. 

So here’s our top pick for an alternative that also has the power of adaptogenic supplements.


If you want one of the most innovative drinks based on adaptogenic ingredients, minerals, vitamins, and superfoods, TUNE IN is the way to go. Designed to aid with energy levels, focus, and memory, and enhance mental tasks like memory and general cognitive function, this drink is perfect if you want a slight push in these areas.

TUNE IN comes in two delicious flavors that can be mixed with water, juice, or your favorite drink. You can try the delicious Pink Lemonade flavor for a refreshing twist or Tropical Punch if you prefer something more fruity.

This drink contains lots of minerals and vitamins, all-safe and all-natural, like lion’s mane, cordyceps, ashwagandha, Rhodiola aosea, alpha GPC, vitamin B1, B2, TeaCrine, and much more.


VYU TUNE IN vs. Four Sigmatic: Which is Right for You?

So, which one is better for you? This relies heavily on three things: whether you like coffee or not, if you want a caffeine-free beverage, and what kind of experience or flavors you expect from your wellness drink.

Firstly, if you don’t have coffee, creamers, or readymade coffee drinks that you can use, Four Sigmatic might not be the best choice. Some individuals would also prefer getting their coffee intake elsewhere, like their favorite coffee shop or coffee aficionados who might want to get their special brew each day. 

In this type of situation, you’d prefer something like TUNE IN’s fresher and fruitier flavors.

The second thing that can affect your decision is whether you want caffeine in your drink or not. 

Four Sigmatic’s products have a lower caffeine content. However, caffeine is still present and can still affect people sensitive to this chemical. Most Four Sigmatic lattes have caffeine, so if this is something you’d like to skip, VYU’s caffeine-free TUNE IN is a better choice.

Lastly, the experience you get from each drink might differ, so it is important you choose wisely on the type you choose. 

While Four Sigmatic usually provides a drink that you can mix in hot water, milk, or non-dairy substitute for different coffee flavors, TUNE IN can be mixed with all types of drinks, leaves no residue or settlements at the bottom, and gets you a refreshing lemonade or fruity punch flavor.

These two change drastically, and you also might not want to take a coffee cup before bed or substitute your current coffee or tea intake. If that’s the case, TUNE IN might be a better choice over a premade latte experience.


VYU TUNE IN vs. Four Sigmatic: Ingredients

While both drinks use organic and vegan-friendly ingredients, there are a few key differences between them. Let’s first quickly tackle the similar ingredients between the two drinks.

TUNE IN and Four Sigmatic both contain real mushrooms in their blend, with lion’s mane and cordyceps mushrooms as part of their list. And some of their protein and coffee-based products have ashwagandha, which makes them similar.

Now, Four Sigmatic does contain coffee beans, coconut milk, and low sugar content. While some of their products might contain less caffeine, they still contain some sort of this ingredient. 

On the other hand, TUNE IN does not. Instead, it uses vitamins, minerals, and adaptogenic ingredients to help you boost your mental performance and overall mood. 


VYU TUNE IN vs. Four Sigmatic: Cost

Overall, most Four Sigmatic products have a higher cost when compared to TUNE IN.  Their Focus Organic Coffee Late only contains 180 grams of product for $45-50, depending on the promotion or if it's a one-time purchase.

On the other hand, TUNE IN contains 300mg of premade drink in two delicious flavors available, with only $40 for the whole pack. With almost twice the product content by a similar price, TUNE IN has the upper hand if you are looking for an alternative based on a similar price range.

While both drinks have similar ingredients, it all comes down to your current goals and whether you want caffeine or coffee as part of your daily nutrition routine. That said, if your goal is to keep up the savings while getting the best Four Sigmatic alternative, TUNE IN could be a great way to get your wellness goals going without caffeine or coffee involved.


What is the Best Four Sigmatic Alternative?

Ultimately, the best alternative has to fit your current wellness goals. If you want a caffeine-free, all-natural, and coconut-free product, TUNE IN is a very heavy contender, as it contains most of the adaptogenic mushrooms that Four Sigmatic offers.

Other people might also prefer a cheaper alternative with more bang for their buck, which TUNE IN and even MUDWTR, a chai-based mushroom drink, can also help you, especially since it can contain similar mushrooms and ingredients.

That said, TUNE IN can still be better if you want a fresher beverage that mixes better with all types of liquids, not only as a latte option. It is sometimes also believed that other products like mushroom chai or coffee-based drinks can lead to sediments and grit at the bottom of your cup. 

So, in general, for an alternative to mushroom-based drinks, based on cost, ingredients, and general wellness goals, TUNE IN could be a great fit for most.



To wrap up our tour around Four Sigmatic alternatives, while the beverage can work for some with its mushroom coffee blend, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. This is where drinks like TUNE IN step in, offering a tasty and health-conscious alternative for those who seek a caffeine-free option.

TUNE IN is a delicious drink with adaptogenic ingredients, vitamins, and minerals that can support and boost your general cognitive functions, help you with energy, and even boost your mood. Its unique composition makes it a perfect fit for a broader audience, from those who don’t want caffeine to people with different dietary regimes to anyone wanting to have a refreshing twist to their daily routine.

So, if you want to keep up your wellness goals or simply want to freshen up the drinks you have during the day, TUNE IN by VYU can be a compelling alternative to other mushroom and coffee-based brands like Four Sigmatic.


Four Sigmatic Alternatives: FAQs

Who are the Competitors of Four Sigmatic?

Other brands similar to Four Sigmatic include VYU due to its wellness approach through adaptogenic products and other products like Magic Mind, MUDWTR, and Alpha Brain.

What is Better than Four Sigmatic?

TUNE IN by VYU is a delicious alternative that can be taken all day long without side effects from coffee or caffeine; it has two tasty flavors and the versatility to use this product in both cold and warm drinks at any time.

Is Four Sigmatic Actually Healthy?

While Four Sigmatic can be healthy, people who are easily irritated by coffee and creamers or can’t have caffeine will definitely feel left out by this type of drink. The abuse of caffeine can also lead to side effects like colitis (bowel inflammation) or distressing the nervous system, which could potentially alter all the good effects of the adaptogenic mushrooms.

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