Beetroot Powder Dosage Guide

While beets may not seem like a food you should pay attention to, several studies have shown their incredible benefits for our bodies. As a result, more and more people have started to increase their consumption of beetroot powder.

Still, it might be difficult to get the right dose for your needs. How do you know you’re getting enough? Does the dose change depending on the condition you want to treat? Let us make it easier for you to stay healthy with this beetroot powder dosage guide.

Beetroot Powder Daily Dosage

One of the main reasons why beetroot is good for your health is nitrate. This is a molecule that can regulate blood flow and oxygenate the body. As a result, beetroot is an amazing supplement to incorporate into your diet, especially if you are an athlete.

Normally, beets should contain about 6.4-12.8mg per kg. In simple terms, about 2-3 teaspoons of beetroot powder are the right dosage to give your body its daily nitrate levels. However, this dose may be higher for those who want to target a specific need. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Beetroot Powder Dosage for Blood Pressure 

Dietary nitrate (NO3) is abundant in beets, which the body converts to active nitrite (NO2) and nitric oxide (NO). Then, NO relaxes and dilates blood vessels in the human body.

Whether you suffer from high blood pressure or just want to stay healthy, beetroot has your back. Thanks to a 2014 study, we know that a beetroot powder dosage of 250mL of beet juice daily is ideal to reduce high blood pressure.

Beetroot Powder Dosage for ED

Erectile dysfunction is a difficult condition for men, which can even cause performance anxiety. There are several treatments for ED, but the most natural of them can be beetroot.

While there aren’t specific studies on the right beetroot powder dosage for ED or if beet juice even helps with this issue, anecdotal evidence supports its use. The main cause of ED is high blood pressure, which disrupts blood flow to the penis. As we mentioned before, nitrate found in beets helps dilate vessels and improve blood flow. For that reason, many believe beetroot is a great way to improve ED. 

Just like the section above, just one glass of beetroot powder juice daily is enough for your blood flow to improve. Many even go as far as to say that drinking beet juice some hours before intercourse helps them with ED. We simply recommend you try it out, and if you want a proven ED treatment, visit a doctor who can give you proper guidance.

Beetroot Powder Dosage Bodybuilding

When lifting weights, excess blood and nutrients fill up your muscles, pumping them and giving them a fuller look. To make this happen, we need to make sure we are giving our bodies a diet that contributes to bodybuilding. That includes beetroot.

Because nitrates increase blood flow, consuming beetroot powder for bodybuilding can help you enhance your performance by reducing the amount of oxygen your body needs. This way, your endurance increases. Moreover, it can also help you increase energy, allowing you to make higher reps for a better workout session.

The ideal beetroot powder dosage for bodybuilding is two concentrated shots of beetroot powder juice. Take these 2-3 hours before training to see the results. 

How Much Beetroot Powder Pre-workout

Beetroot also promotes the creation of stamina and endurance. This comes in handy when exercising.

It's a fantastic idea to make a beetroot smoothie as a pre-workout drink. To make your pre-workout smoothie, combine a spoonful of beetroot powder with your favorite fruits. This will help you sustain your stamina and endurance while also nourishing your body with an organic and healthy beverage.

If you're searching for a specific amount to start with, try 1-2 tablespoons twice daily. Consider a teaspoon to be the size of a medium-sized beet. If you're going to include rigorous activity in your weight-loss plan, don't be afraid to do it three times each day.