What is Beetroot Powder Good For?

If there’s one new habit you need to pick up right now, it’s adding beetroot powder to your diet. 

Sure, growing up, you may have made faces seeing beetroot on the dinner table. You’re probably making a face now because you still don’t like it. However, you need to change your opinion and fast. Or else you’ll end up missing many of the benefits it has to offer.

Keep reading to learn what beetroot powder is good for.


Key Takeaways

  • Beet powder has many benefits including brain health, reduced inflammation, weight loss, improved digestion, and a healthier physique. Red beet powder is a nutrient-dense food that provides important minerals, vitamins, and fiber.
  • Organic beetroot powder contains added micronutrients, zero harmful chemicals, and has an improved taste as they are grown with a focus on taste and cultivated in well-nourished soil. Organic beet powder is a concentrated form that offers added nutrients and helps maintain a clean bill of health.
  • Beetroot powder can help manage high blood pressure, increase energy levels, protect the liver from inflammation and remove toxins, and may help with erectile dysfunction and diabetes. 


What is Beetroot Powder Used For?

While it may not receive the same attention as health foods like kale, beetroot is rich in vitamins and nutrients. It also includes nitrates and pigment, both of which offer their own set of benefits for your health. 

Red Beet Powder Benefits

  • Brain Health – Beetroot powder may boost your mental capacity by improving blood circulation and oxygen. Both have been found responsible for memory loss caused by aging. 
  • Reduced Inflammation – The pigment in red beets will support your body to fight off inflammation. Therefore, it may ease conditions and symptoms such as acne, infection, and constant fatigue. It may also help reduce the pain associated with chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis. 
  • Weight Loss – As a nutrient-dense food, red beets provide a hefty dose of important minerals, minus the calories and fat. This can provide your body with the support it needs if you’re trying to lose weight. 
  • Improved Digestion - Beetroot powder can increase your fiber intake to ensure the health of your gut. The powder also acts as a prebiotic, supporting the good bacteria responsible for fighting inflammation and ensuring your health. 
  • Healthier Physique – Every single mineral in beets plays a major role in ensuring a healthy body. For example, vitamin C supports the production of collagen, which is vital for healthy skin and wound healing. Moreover, potassium counters the effects of consuming excess salt while iron prevents iron deficiency. 

In addition to these benefits, beet powder can help with several diseases. You’ll learn more about these a little later. 

Benefits of Organic Beet Powder

While shopping for beet powder, make sure to opt for organic products. In addition to the above, organic beetroot powder offers the following additional benefits. 

  • Added Micronutrients – Organic beets contain more vitamins and minerals than their alternatives. As the powder is a concentrated form, you’ll benefit from the added nutrients.   
  • Zero Harmful Chemicals – You won’t be exposing your body to any harmful chemicals by going the organic way. As a result, the nutrients you get will work their magic on your health properly. 
  • Clean Bill of Health – With no synthetic substances in your powder, your diet will remain clean. As a result, you’ll be at a lower risk of the health problems associated with them. 
  • Improved Taste – There’s a noticeable difference between the taste of organic beetroot powder and other powders. This is because organic beets are grown with a focus on taste. Moreover, they’re cultivated in well-nourished soil to ensure they grow into strong, healthy plants.  


Does Beetroot Powder Lower Blood Pressure?

Beetroot powder may help manage high blood pressure. Beets contain high levels of nitrates which convert into nitric oxide once digested. This compound helps relax and widen blood vessels, therefore lowering blood pressure. 

Some studies also prove beets’ ability to temporarily lower blood pressure. You can expect your systolic blood pressure to be lower for six hours with regular consumption. 


Does Beet Powder Give You Energy?

Beetroot powder may increase your energy levels. In fact, it’s why athletes incorporate it in their diets. As it also improves blood flow, you’ll do your body a favor by adding it to a pre-workout drink. 


Is Beetroot Powder Good for Your Liver?

Beet powder provides you with a generous dose of antioxidants, vitamins A and B-6, and iron. These three protect the liver from inflammation. They further support its function, especially to remove toxins from the body. Moreover, betalain in beets improves bile production and flow to keep the liver healthy. 


Does Beet Powder Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Remember how nitric oxide can improve blood flow and oxygen throughout the body? Well, it really helps ALL parts of the body. 

Therefore, scientists believe this can work in theory despite the lack of concrete scientific proof. In fact, some urologists recommend consuming beet powder a few hours before intercourse to counter ED. 

Another reason why this theory may be valid is beetroot’s proven benefits for cardiovascular health. 

Nitric oxide impairment is one factor that increases the risk of heart disease. And heart disease, in turn, increases the risk of ED. Therefore, boosting nitric oxide levels in the body can help with both conditions. 


Is Beet Powder Good for Diabetics?

By consuming beet powder, diabetics reap three major benefits. 

  1. Lower Random Blood Sugar – This powder may help diabetics maintain lower blood sugar levels after having a meal. 
  2. Increased Insulin Resistance – Beets may improve insulin resistance, which is when cells don’t respond to insulin. Betalain, to be specific, is responsible for this property. Moreover, beets may help with weight loss, which is imperative for increasing sensitivity to insulin. 
  3. Lower Risk of Complications – Diabetes affects different parts of the body, including the nerves and eyes. Thankfully, beetroot may help with these complications. For instance, it may reduce the risk of nerve damage in individuals with high blood sugar levels. 

Your parents may have been right all along – beets are good for you. But you don’t necessarily need to consume the root itself to get its benefits. The right dose of beetroot powder can do the trick. 

Simply include the powder in your favorite smoothie, sauce, or baked treat. And let the healing from within truly begin.

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