What are the Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Turkey tail mushrooms, also known as coriolus mushrooms, are becoming popular with the health and wellness crowds. They are high in bioactive components and contain essential nutrients for health.  

They are known to possess a wide array of health benefits that include improved blood flow, boosting immunity, promoting longevity and even aiding in weight loss. 

History of Turkey Tail Mushroom

The history of turkey tail mushrooms is as old as the use of mushrooms. 

Mushrooms have likely foraged since pre-historic times. The cultivation of mushrooms dates back to 600 BC.

Mushrooms were very popular in Europe by the late 18th century did not catch on in America until the early 19th century. Mushroom recipes did not start appearing in American cooking books until then.

The turkey tail mushroom is a distinct species of fungus native to China and Japan. It has been used as traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times. 

Its name comes from its resemblance to the tail feathers of the turkey bird. 

Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushrooms


Turkey tail mushrooms are delicious, nutritious foods full of antioxidants

They are packed with remedial natural phytochemicals, especially polyphenol-rich tannins, which protect cells by destroying free radicals generated during normal metabolism. 

Natural antioxidant properties also prevent cancer growth.

Immune-boosting Compounds

Turkey tails act as a natural antibiotic, boosting your immune system and helping you fight off sickness. 

They activate the immune system by encouraging the body to produce a particular type of white blood cells (B cells). These powerful cells develop antibodies to fight off infectious diseases.

Anti-cancer Properties

Turkey tails act as a natural remedy for cancers. Its healing compounds help slow down the growth of cancer cells. These proteins protect the body from bacteria and viruses.

Turkey tail mushrooms are considered to have potent anti-cancer properties believed to help reduce the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, and other forms of cancers. They can even kill cancer cells without affecting normal ones.

Gut Health

Turkey tail mushrooms contain prebiotics for bacterial digestion. Prebiotics help your digestive system function properly.

They also contain polysaccharopeptides, which help enhance the growth of friendly gut bacteria. 

Increased levels of desirable bacteria improve digestion, immune system, and overall wellness and vitality.

Turkey tails are an excellent source of nutrients for your gut microbiome. You should use them regularly!

Alternative medicine practitioners have used this fungus to treat diarrhea, constipation, gases, etc.


Antioxidants in the turkey tail help reduce chronic inflammation; they help treat chronic and long-term pain.

Inflammation is the alarm system of our body’s defense mechanism. When there is inflammation, redness happens first, followed by heat. Then swelling occurs. Finally, pain sets in.

Antioxidants, vitamins, and microelements are essential to the body. With deficiencies, the body suffers an increase in inflammation. 

Anti-inflammatories work by removing these substances from the body.

Increases Energy Levels

Turkey tail mushrooms are nutritional powerhouses. They contain some of the highest levels of antioxidants in nature. This makes them great for boosting overall health and energy. 

Turkey tails have been shown to increase stamina and endurance. In fact, they are often taken by athletes who want to bump up their strength and speed.

The bioactive compounds in turkey tail mushrooms improve metabolism and trigger quick recovery after a workout or sports.

Antibacterial Properties

Turkey tail mushrooms can be used as a potent medicine to treat bacterial infections. These mushrooms boost the natural defenses of the body.

A medicinal tea made from turkeys tail mushrooms promotes healing and increases immunity. 

Doctors of traditional medicine value this fungus as a remedy for patients suffering from lung infections or other respiratory conditions.

Possible Heart Benefits

Turkey tail mushrooms are full of beta-glucans. These are soluble fibers that may help prevent heart disease. 

Bets-glucans absorb water and swell up, making them easier to digest. By swelling up, soluble fibers also bind cholesterol and bile acids, helping to reduce your chances of getting heart disease.

The abundance of antioxidants in turkey tail mushrooms makes it the best diet for the heart. The antioxidants prevent free radicals from blocking arteries.

How to Use Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Hand picking a turley tail mushroom from a metal bowl.

Turkey tails mushrooms are excellent nutrients. Taking them as a daily supplement makes you healthier. 

You can add them to soups, drinks, or smoothies. A warming tea or coffee works too. Add some warm water and drink it throughout the day. 

Mushrooms are delicious when you cook them however you want. They’re great in pizza toppings, salad dressings, risotto, or a simple side dish.

A proper nutritional supplement dosage varies for each individual depending on current health status, age, whether you’re pregnant, and what type of supplement you want.