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Guarana for Weight Loss


Weight loss isn’t easy. You need to monitor what you eat and keep your activity levels high to burn off fat. Thankfully, there’s something that can help you get closer to your ideal weight quicker: guarana

Hailing from the Amazon, guarana is a species of climbing plant. Its seeds have been used for centuries in traditional medicine for pain relief and improving immunity. And now, it can help you shed the extra pounds to reveal a slimmer, healthier you. 


Key Takeaways

  • Guarana offers benefits such as boosting metabolism, suppressing fat cell production, and suppressing appetite, making it valuable for weight loss goals.
  • The recommended dosage for weight loss is 200-1,600mg orally once a day, not exceeding 3,000mg. Consult a healthcare provider and avoid high doses for long periods to prevent side effects.
  • When purchasing guarana supplements, opt for organic Brazilian guarana in powder form for higher nutrient content and potency. While the taste may be bitter, the powder form ensures easier digestion, higher energy levels, and improved focus within an hour.


Guarana for Weight Loss

A person holds raw guarana seeds.

Directly, guarana may promote weight loss, affecting the body in three ways. 

First off, the plant effectively boosts metabolism. Many studies suggest that consuming more caffeine may help with weight loss and keep the extra pounds off. Guarana is one of the richest sources of caffeine, meaning it may effectively boost your metabolism by 3-11% within 12 hours.   

Secondly, guarana may help by suppressing the genes responsible for producing fat cells in the first place. And that’s not all. Consuming this natural remedy may produce genes that altogether slow down fat cell production. 

Does Guarana Suppress Appetite?

Yes, it does. As it contains extremely high levels of caffeine, it releases more chlorogenic acids into the blood. These acids control hunger and suppress appetite for a brief time. And that’s the third way guarana helps with weight loss.


Additional Guarana Benefits for Weight Loss 

In addition to its direct benefits, guarana has indirect benefits for weight loss. That’s why taking guarana supplements regularly can make your weight loss journey a great one. 

  • Wealth of Antioxidants – While antioxidants aren’t linked to weight loss, they may help reduce inflammation. In particular, the inflammation of fat cells. This issue is the reason behind low energy levels, slow metabolism, and slow calorie burn. With fat eliminated, you can grow more energetic and, with time, reach your ideal goal and maintain it. 
  • Pain Relief – In the past, you may have avoided exercise because of joint or muscle pain. That’s bound to change once you take guarana because it may help relieve pain. Therefore, you’re bound to become more active. 
  • Antimicrobial Properties – The bacteria in your gut are responsible for your physical and mental health. Guarana may help the body fight harmful bacteria. As a result, it may ensure better digestion and keep you feeling your best. 
  • Less Fatigue – Guarana’s rich caffeine content targets adenosine, which is the compound that tells the brain to relax. Because of this effect, the plant may increase your energy levels while improving your mental awareness.

    Guarana Dosage 

    dry guarana seeds lay besides a wooden spoon with guarana powder.

    With all the benefits guarana has to offer, you’re probably excited to start consuming it right now. But before you do that, you should know how much is beneficial for you. 

    Guarana Recommended Dosage 

    The recommended dosage for guarana is 75-3,000mg per day. How much you need will vary depending on the purpose you’re taking this supplement for. For instance, you’ll need to take 150mg once every day to enhance your cognitive capabilities. 

    Guarana Dosage for Weight Loss 

    To support your weight loss journey, you need to take 200-1,600mg orally once a day. You shouldn’t go over 3,000mg per day. But make sure to loop in your healthcare provider and follow their directions.  

    Guarana Maximum Dosage

    Guarana may become unsafe if you consume daily doses of 10,000mg or more. That said, factors such as caffeine sensitivity, smoking behavior, and prior caffeine use may lower this dosage limit further. 

    So, make sure to stick to the labels on the products you use and follow your physician’s recommendations. You should also consult the latter on how long you can take guarana.

    High doses for a long time may result in side effects such as rapid breathing, anxiety, and irregular heartbeats. 

    Guarana Seed Powder Dosage 

    If you’re using guarana seed powder, you still need to adhere to the dosages above. Luckily, you don’t need to resort to a kitchen scale. Most products come with a scoop that allows you to measure the dosage easily. 


    Guarana for Weight Loss Reviews

    You’ll find many weight loss reviews online from individuals who have tried guarana. To save your time, here’s a quick summary of what most highlight. 

    • Guarana has received a 4.7 rating from individuals aged below 40. 
    • The only concern most reviewers had was the ease of using guarana seed extracts. 
    • Results will become visible after one month of using the supplement.
    • Using guarana supplements alone may not provide the results you seek. A reviewer mentioned the need to work out and portion control to complement guarana’s effects.  


    Does Guarana Keep You Awake?

    Yes, guarana will keep you awake because of its high caffeine content. Therefore, you should avoid taking any supplements before bedtime.

    Instead, take the last dose of the day at least five hours before you usually sleep. That way, you can get a full night’s sleep without the caffeine keeping you alert. 

    Also, keep in mind that the long-term use of guarana may result in insomnia. However, this is only possible if you take high doses orally for over a year. Therefore, you need to discuss how much and until when you’ll need to consume guarana with your physician. 


    Where to Buy Guarana?

    If you’re interested in getting your hands on guarana to lose weight, all you need to do is fire up your browser. You can easily find guarana supplements in different forms online.

    Some pharmacies may also offer guarana supplements over the counter. So, you may want to check the closest one to you. 

    Best Guarana Supplement 

    To get all the benefits you just read about, make sure the supplements that you pick use organic Brazilian guarana. Not only will this guarantee a higher content of nutrients and caffeine, but it’ll also eliminate additives that impact potency. 

    Overall, when choosing what product type, preferably opt for powder form. Yes, the taste may not be very satisfying. After all, the seeds extract has a bitter taste with a hint of earthy, woody flavors. 

    However, the powder is the purest form of the seed extract. Moreover, it’ll break down easier when ingested, ensuring higher energy levels and more focus within an hour. 

    If you need a nudge in the right direction, here are two highly recommended products you can get for yourself. 

    1. Nutricost Guarana Powder – Nutricost’s Guarana Powder is a vegetarian-friendly, non-GMO, and gluten-free supplement. It contains 100 servings, which allows you to consume 1,000 mg of natural caffeine daily. Simply mix the powder with water or combine it with your favorite shake or smoothie. 
    2. Alovitox Organic Guarana Seed Powder – Promising three to six times more caffeine than coffee, Alovitox’s Organic Guarana Seed Powder releases energy and promotes weight management. You’ll also be glad to know that you’ll be consuming only two calories per serving. Moreover, the product earned the ‘Climate Pledge Friendly’ badge by proving it’s organic and sustainable. 


    Get Started on Your Weight Loss Journey NOW

    Why wait any longer to begin losing weight and rediscovering the healthier you? You have all the info you need on succeeding this time around. And even some recommendations to begin shopping for guarana with. So, get ready and get started today. 

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