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What are Some Natural Energy Boosters


If you’re feeling sluggish during the day, you’re not alone, especially if you’re struggling to stay awake and need to chug cups of coffee to make it through. 

Unfortunately, your energy levels can quickly deplete if you’re not sleeping, eating, hydrating, and sleeping properly. Thankfully, you can counter this as easily.

All you need to do is add natural energy boosters to your daily diet.  


Key Takeaways

  • Different foods have varying impacts on your energy levels; carbohydrates deliver energy faster than proteins and fats, but simple carbs are digested quicker and can cause you to crash later, while complex carbs offer a steady energy supply during the day.
  • Natural energy boosters can be added to your daily diet to help counteract low energy levels; options include powder smoothies, maca coolers, veggie spritzers, and mushroom lattes, which are all caffeine-free.
  • Foods such as apples, sweet potatoes, spinach, oatmeal, and mangoes can be effective natural energy boosters, with iron, B vitamins, vitamin C, and natural fruit sugars that help regulate energy levels.


Natural Food Energy Boosters

Mother Nature has a few treasures that you can take to feel energized, minus side effects and harmful chemicals. But before introducing each of these, you should learn how foods affect your energy levels. 

Different foods have varying impacts on your energy levels. For instance, carbohydrates deliver energy faster than proteins and fats. 

However, not all carbs are equal. Simple carbs are digested quicker, causing a rapid rise in blood sugar and energy levels. This usually means you’ll end up crashing and feeling sluggish later. 

On the other hand, complex carbs take longer to digest. Therefore, they offer a steady supply of energy during the day. 

Another essential factor to consider is different foods’ glycemic index (GI), i.e., how carbs affect blood sugar levels. 

If your diet comprises high GI foods, you’re bound to be less alert and sleepier. Alternatively, low GI foods provide energy without reducing the quality of your diet.


Natural Energy Boosters Without Caffeine

While caffeine has some medicinal benefits, most people can do with a reset from too much caffeine in their systems, especially since it can cause them to feel jittery, restless, and unable to sleep. 

Consider these options if you would like to take a break from caffeine yet keep your energy levels high. 

Powder Smoothies

You can cleanse your palate with an energy smoothie. Many superfoods, including some of the foods you’ll learn about later, are available in powder form. You can easily blend these with water and ice or milk to improve your overall health and feel energized. 

Maca Coolers

Maca has been in the news for a long time now, with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow testifying to its benefits. 

Studies on the root indicate its usefulness against multiple conditions. But more importantly, it helps improve both mood and stamina. 

One of the interesting ways to enjoy the benefits and unique taste is through maca coolers. 

These chilled beverages are just the thing during summer when the heat saps your energy. They’re easy to make too—blend maca powder with egg yolk, milk, honey, and your favorite spices. 

Veggie Spritzers

Another chilled beverage to boost your energy levels is a veggie spritzer. This drink is made with sparkling or carbonated water. The addition of vegetables further helps you detox and gain energy. Therefore, it may be a suitable option if you’re allergic to dairy or eggs. 

Take, for instance, ginger lemonade spritzer. Ginger increases blood flow to the tissues, naturally enhancing your energy levels. Meanwhile, lemon increases alertness, boosts feel-good hormones, and helps reduce stress levels. 

Mushroom Lattes

Mushroom coffee is hardly a new trend. Blends of mushroom extracts have been used for centuries as natural health treatments. Therefore, in addition to boosting your energy levels, they can heal and strengthen you physically.

And the best part? You won’t compromise on taste at all. They taste just like a traditional cup of joe! You can either make your own mushroom latte from scratch or use ready-to-brew sachets.   


Natural Energy Boosters for Pregnancy

From hormonal changes to sleep disturbances, everything about pregnancy can sap your energy. Luckily, you can recover some of your depleted energy with natural foods. 

But before you go ahead and try the following, make sure to check with your physician. While all options are natural, it’s always best to heed your doctor’s advice. 


Apples are an excellent way to keep the doctor away and fatigue at bay (rhyme intended!). They contain boron, glucose, and fructose. Boron is a mineral that can improve your energy levels. As for glucose and fructose, both are simple carbs that deliver quick energy boosts without blood sugar spikes. 

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes have several nutrients that’ll keep you energetic despite your pregnancy. They’re rich in iron, which is important during your delicate motherhood journey. They also contain vitamin C and copper, two nutrients that support iron absorption in the body.  


Another iron-rich food, spinach, can help you feel more energized. Just one cup of boiled spinach offers 6.4 mg of iron. Alternatively, you can add it to salads, sautés, or even your favorite pasta recipe. 


An oatmeal breakfast is just the thing to help you kick fatigue to the curb. Oatmeal contains B vitamins which can help metabolize micronutrients, support healthy cell function, and regenerate your energy levels. It’s also rich in soluble fiber, a slow-burning carb that’s great for sustained energy. 


One of the reasons pregnant women feel sluggish may be anemia. This is highly likely during the last trimester as the body prepares for birth and produces more blood. Therefore, pregnant women experience fatigue. 

Mangoes contain natural fruit sugars that will elevate your energy levels. They also contain vitamin C, which helps absorb iron from your foods. 


Natural Energy Boosters for Diabetics

Fatigue is one of the common symptoms of diabetes. Unlike tiredness, it doesn’t go away by resting. That’s mainly because other diabetes symptoms and complications cause it. Thankfully, what you eat can help manage diabetes fatigue. Especially the following. 

Ice Water or Warm Water

You need to drink more water to keep diabetic fatigue at bay. Diabetes can result in you losing too much water. Moreover, not drinking enough liquids may raise your blood sugar. This will lead to dehydration since high blood sugar causes frequent urination. 

Hot Tea

True teas (e.g., green and black tea) and herbal teas (e.g., peppermint and chamomile) may help people with diabetes. As calorie-free beverages, teas can optimize diabetic control. Moreover, they keep individuals hydrated and, ultimately, more focused. 

Iced Unsweetened Tea

If hot tea isn’t for you, you can switch to sugar-free tea. You can get the same benefits of tea while cooling off. You also can choose from different flavors without worrying about sugar or calories. 

Coffee (Hot or Cold)

Coffee contains caffeine, which is a chemical that prevents the onset of drowsiness. You can safely consume hot and cold coffee as long as you avoid using too many sweeteners or creamers. Remember to do so in moderation and preferably after breakfast to prevent impairing your blood sugar control. 


Natural Pre Workout Energy Boosters 

At times, the lack of energy may deter you from exercising. With work and house chores, you may lack the stamina to hit the gym or go for a walk. That’s why you may benefit from at least one of the following natural pre-workout energy boosters. 


By consuming supplements containing cordyceps, you can improve your tolerance to high-intensity workouts. This is because it increases the production of adenosine triphosphate (AT) in the body. As a result, it boosts energy levels and reduces fatigue. 

Beyond your workout, cordyceps may improve the quality of your sleep. Therefore, you’ll feel rested and ready to take on any challenges the next day. 


Ginseng comes highly recommended for leveling up your energy reserves. As an adaptogen, it boosts your body’s endurance. Therefore, you won’t feel tired too quickly. Ginseng also improves performance measures such as oxygen uptake, which too adds to your endurance while you exercise. 


Most athletes supplement with turmeric as it can lower their fatigue levels and ultimately boost overall energy. In addition to boosting their performance as they exercise, turmeric supports muscle recovery and counters inflammatory responses.  

Yerba Mate 

Yerba mate is a supplement made from the Ilex paraguariensis plant. It contains more caffeine than a cup of tea but less than coffee. Therefore, it can make you feel less tired as you exercise. 

Its caffeine content further improves muscle contractions and sports performance. It spares your carb reserves during high-intensity workouts, forcing your body to burn fat for fuel. 


So, Which Natural Energy Boosters Will You Choose?

You know about different natural energy boosters you can choose according to your current health and goals. 

However, you can always skip choosing just one and instead opt for blends containing several herbs and mushrooms. For instance, you can get your hands on VYU's TUNE IN

Combining all-natural energy-boosting mushrooms, adaptogens and nootropics, TUNE IN is just what you need to stay focused and alert throughout the day. Within a few months of use, you’ll look your best and feel even healthier than you ever have. 

And, of course, you’ll have higher energy levels to tackle whatever comes your way. 

So, don’t wait any longer. Grab yourself some of these energy boosters and reap all of their health benefits right away. 

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