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Top 7 Healthy Food Influencers


Have you ever felt bored of salad as your go-to choice for healthy food? Or do you feel like healthy food has to be boring? Well, social media has brought new ways of learning how to add that tasty touch to food through content, and those responsible for this are healthy food influencers.

With the age of TikTok and Instagram creators here, many people are creating content focused on wellness, from diets, exercise, to functional foods. As with other influencers, it is important to always have a critical take on their content since misinformation can happen, and it is especially important to be aware of it in the wellness industry.

Because of that, we explored and made our own list of the top healthy food influencers we could find. Some of these have different ways of creating food that can boost your brain power, help your overall health, or have a twist on conventionally healthy food and transform it into a new favorite. 

So sit back as we explore the world of food influencers, including a special type of niche content creators: fung-influencers.

Key Takeaways

  • Nutritional influencers are experts like dietitians and fitness coaches who create content on social media, from sharing recipes to aiding with healthy food tips.
  • Food influencers on social media can change your perception of food through new trends, dietary regimes, and new recipes and ideas.
  • These social media personas have become very popular due to their content creation and broader audience, with new social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram.
  • Fung influencers focus on mushrooms, reaching on their health benefits, their uses in food, how to grow them, or simply the role they take within society.

What is a Nutritional Influencer?

Let’s start by breaking down the concept of nutritional influencers. 

This term basically means a range of professionals, amateurs, and enthusiasts who care about wellness and nutrition in food. From dietitians to fitness instructors to former athletes, these are health advocates who like to share their journey or work through social media.

Simply put, they focus on guiding individuals toward healthier living and informing them about safe and effective health and fitness methods. From better eating, gym routines, and functional foods, these influencers have various approaches and fitness philosophies.

Each has its unique way of touching on health, from keto or paleo diets to yoga, weight training, or adaptogenic ingredients, creating a niche community around these interests. Their journeys of health transformation and nutrition are also central to what they portray in social media.

How Do Food Influencers Affect What We Eat?

Food influencers can impact our dietary choices by showing recipes, restaurant reviews, and showing off emerging food trends on social media. Their influence can go from meal planning and inspiring new cooking methods to encouraging healthy habits.

Some people even offer different ways to see macros for different nutrient requirements, like swapping out certain ingredients for common recipes to create healthy and tasty treats. From macro-friendly mac and cheese recipes to exposure to new ingredients or trends, they can influence how we look at food, especially short content like reels or TikTok videos.

Food influencers play a critical role in popularizing specific diets, ingredients, or culinary practices with their audience. From vegan and flexitarian diets to functional diets, this influence can aid in making informed food choices and discovering new ways to fulfill your wellness needs. 

That said, you must always look at food influencers critically, follow the transparent influencers, and have data or showcase their points of view to avoid misinformation.

Why are Food Influencers So Popular?

The popularity of food influencers usually is attributed to their presence in social media and the digital world in general. They engage with audiences with various content, including recipes, reviewing products, collaborating with brands, and giving tips on different regimes or exercises.

Since food influencers have also become viral thanks to new trends, they have also become a new way of understanding these trends in the food and wellness industry, influencing consumer behavior and preferences.

Because of that, their role in marketing and in the industry has grown, with some companies turning to influencers for product promotion. 

But it doesn’t stop at that, as old and potential audiences also seek them for advice as opinion leaders depending on the content they make, their persona, and how they convey themselves on different platforms.

Now, we’ve covered the basics of how food influencers are so popular, but let’s look at our favorite picks for healthy food influencers that we’ve checked with a critical eye to get you the best information.

Our Top 7 Picks for Healthy Food Influencers

Let’s now start our top picks for healthy food influencers. Some of them have different approaches to healthy food. Here are some of our favorites.

Luise Vindahl

Luise is an influencer with over 201k followers on Instagram and six published books talking about nutrition, food, and supplements. She has recipes on vegetarian recipes for quick night weeks and slow weekend meals to prepare during those days that cooking excites you. 

In her social media, you’ll find how to pick ingredients to feel boosted, delicious recipes like her Kimchi and Quinoa Burgers, and even how to create your own buckwheat crunch substitute for your dairy cereal cravings.

Kevin Curry

Kevin Curry, a.k.a, fitmencook, is your one-stop content creator if you want the mix of fitness, sneakers, and, obviously, delicious food that can boost your energy and let you get to your macronutrient goals. With delicious and alternative recipes that use simple cooking methods, his content will make your meals a delight without having to worry about getting better health.

Nom Nom Paleo

Michelle from Nom Nom Paleo creates food that follows paleo and gluten-free recipes, with delicious taste but, most of all, easy dishes you can taste that can fit most diets that will give you energy and nutrients. 

She is also the three-time NYT bestselling author of three different cookbooks focused on easy cooking with healthy ingredients, with no gluten, grains, dairy, sugar, or refined sugars.

So, if you want some inspiration without any grains, she’s the master of easy recipes.

PCOS Dietitian

If you want a dietitian with a focus on PCOS-friendly meals and boosting your mind and energy for people with this syndrome, Kathleen has some very good tips and meal preps that can help you sustain your daily nutrient intake.

She mostly gives guidelines and recipes to support people with this syndrome, and you can find her on her TikTok account.

Gathered Nutrition

For delicious ideas on healthy snacks, dinners, and even desserts, but with a Gen Z twist, you’ll love Mia from Gathered Nutrition.

With tasty recipes that mix all types of cuisine to learning how to cook everything in a single tray while keeping your macronutrients and supplements in check, Mia has a special way of making her recipes easy and guilt-free while helping with different goals from a dietitian's perspective.

Fit Green Mind

Maya is one of the youngest creators of all time who creates delicious vegan dishes worldwide. Most of their dishes are macro and diet-friendly, and she often creates delicious recipes that are naturally healthy and tasty without using fake meat or other meat substitutes. 

She also has some nice tips and informational videos on how certain foods are made or how to create your own meat replacements at home. You can check her videos over here.

Claire Hodgins

This influencer creates content for both Instagram and TikTok, mostly based on high-protein recipes, which is great if you want to keep your overall nutrients or support your metabolism. She goes over from the prepping to the shopping routines, making each recipe a breeze.

Claire also makes things simple, making all-time favorites while keeping things macro-friendly with high protein and energy-boosting dishes. 

What is a Fung-Influencer?

Now, the fung influencer is relatively new, and it has been permeating newer social media sites like Instagram and TikTok. Simply put, these are wellness and food influencers that relate to mushrooms and their role in our lives.

From fungi-based foods to specific dietary supplements and traditional medicine practices, they basically focus on all of these types of products. The fung influencers are a new breed of social media personas that promote and educate in this niche. 

Some also specialize in growing or harvesting mushrooms in the wild, including sharing content of safety, culinary and wellness uses, health benefits, sustainable practices, and other broader roles of these industries.

So, while relatively new, these influencers have become a new trend on their own while also crafting their unique new niche audiences inside the wellness industry.

Some Fung-Influencers to Check Out

Now that we’ve checked out some food influencers and what a fung influencer is, let’s go with three of our favorites that all have different ways to explore the world of mushrooms. From functional mushroom intake, and artists, to teaching you how to forage and check well which mushrooms to eat, here are some influencers you’ll want to learn more about.

Functional Mushrooms Influencers 

Meet one of our favorite influencers on the list, Mycophoria. Their Instagram is full of valuable information on fungi of all types and colors, mostly shot in beautiful macro pictures, so you’ll find pretty interesting content on this UK-based page. 

Each of their posts explains a type of mushroom and how to find and use it, especially those that are fully edible and also the ones that might fall into the poisonous side. With them, you’ll find how they work and how they can be useful when adding them to your everyday routine.

Mushroom Artists

Want to know some cool art with fungi? Francesa Gavin is a mushroom artist and influencer based in London who has created art based on many different science-fiction themes. One of the most important is her take on mushroom futurism, a style of art that incorporates dystopian, science fiction, and philosophical topics with mycelium. 

One of her biggest works in the exhibition from Somerset House is called Mushrooms: The Art, Design, and Future of Fungi. This exhibition also included the artist Cy Twombly’s portfolio and John Cage’s limited edition of his recipe book called Mushroom Book. 

The art showcase had a lot of groundbreaking experiments, with designs, textiles, and a mix of architecture that used mushrooms in new ways, with an interesting reflection on sustainability and the digital world and how fungi fit into this.

Mushroom and Foraging Influencer

Lastly on our list is one of TikTok’s rising stars on foraging and consuming mushrooms: Alexis Nicole, also called Black Forager. As an Ohio-based TikToker and internet persona, she’s been creating fun and easy-to-understand content, sharing her love for nature, and getting meals from foraging.

Her content is a lot more focused on practical tips and recipes on how to forage mushrooms and plants and how to convert them into tasty meals like the “Tofu of the woods” or “Chicken of the woods,” and good ways to identify the safe fungi with clear characteristics to look at during your foraging sessions.

She’s also known for creating sustainable content, making foraging, and other types of critical and responsible natural harvesting. You can check out some of their tips and recipes on some mushrooms, whether you grew them, bought them, or found them.

Best Way to Try Mushroom Products

The best way to try mushroom products that are 100% safe and that can be mixed with some functional foods, diet, or exercise is the tasty TUNE IN from VYU. This low-calorie, vegan, and all-natural drink has several mushrooms that can kickstart your day like lion’s mane or cordyceps, and roots like Rhodiola rosea.

This drink comes in a 300g can and can be mixed with any liquid you want. It’s available in two delicious flavors: Strawberry Lemonade for a tart and sweet flavor, and the fruity Tropical Punch.

Other ingredients in this drink can also help with your overall brain health and even help with your cognitive functions, including vitamin B and B1, alpha GPC, ashwagandha extract, TeaCrine, and BioPerine. Our formula is like no other, full of nootropics, adaptogens, vitamins, and, of course, functional mushrooms to increase memory, mood, and focus.

Final Thoughts

We’ve come to the end of our list and guide on healthy food influencers. We’ve checked the landscape of food wellness and how eating better does not mean that you have to be boring, with nutritional food influencers creating different ways and content to help you change the way you perceive food.

We also checked out fung influencers, a new way of taking a look at mushrooms not only as food but also as part of our health, as a sustainable practice of getting food like foraging, or the role they take within our world through art.

As always, make sure to have a critical eye on the influencers and social media you consume, and always maintain a balance on the content you consume to ensure authenticity and accuracy. 

This way, you can make sure to enrich your lifestyle with wholesome, enjoyable, and scientifically sound food choices as we all continue to explore and learn the world of food and functional ingredients like mushrooms.


Social Media Food Influencers: FAQs

How Does Social Media Affect Healthy Eating?

Social media can affect healthy eating by influencing healthy eating habits both positively and negatively. It can showcase health and nutrition in a critical, positive way and inspire healthier food choices.

Still, it can also glamorize stereotypes, bad health practices, low-nutrition foods with buzzwords, or even spread misinformation about diets, potentially leading to unhealthy eating habits.

How Does the Media Promote Unhealthy Food Choices?

The media can often promote unhealthy food choices through advertising high-calorie, processed foods, especially for younger audiences. Sometimes, misinformation on certain diets by social media or regular channels can also promote bad choices or force stereotypes on the audience.

VYU Blog Disclaimer

The information provided on the VYU blog is intended solely for informational and entertainment purposes. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new healthcare regimen. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

For more information, check out our FAQs and contact page.

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