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List of Body Weight Exercises


Body weight exercises bring along a lot of advantages, like improving some serious functional strength that serves not only to workout and become good at it, but also for any daily activities you might have to do in which you should have some strength. Also, you acquire a much better look than with normal weight training, that can get to be pretty uneven. Plus, once you work on one area, you’re basically working on all your body.

So forget about having to necessary go to the gym, you just need your floor. 


Key Takeaways

  • Bodyweight exercises offer numerous advantages, such as improving functional strength, enhancing overall body aesthetics, and working on multiple areas simultaneously. These exercises can be performed at home without the need for gym equipment, making them convenient and accessible.
  • Tuck Jumps are a calorie-burning exercise that improves total body integration, strength, and synchronization. Mountain Climbers focus on the core while enhancing mobility, coordination, and agility. Inchworms engage the upper body, stretch the lower body, and promote blood flow throughout the body.
  • Plyometric Push-ups provide muscle growth, joint and connective tissue health, fast muscle contractions, strength, and mobility. Bear Crawls work on overall body strength, focusing on the core, shoulders, arms, and glutes.


Tuck Jump

This is calorie burner 100%, it also works on the total integration of your body skills, synchronization and strength while it tones and it’s effective in less time than other body weight exercises.

The starting position requires for you to stand with your feet at shoulder width and your knees a little bent down. Then, jump as high as you can, bringing your knees towards your chest as close as possible, while you extend your arms straight outwards. After, falling down again, make sure you fall with your knees still slightly bent so you can have impulse for the next jump that comes exactly right after.

We recommend you repeat this fro 1 minute or in reps of 30 seconds with a 10 second pause in between. 

Mountain Climber

This one concentrates mainly in working on your core, while it also works on your legs and arms on the side. It highly increases your mobility, coordination and agility, while it does wonders on your  health.

Start on a high plank position, with your hands at shoulder width and directly under them, and your legs completely extended behind you. Your body should make a straight line, and to maintain that straight line you must have your whole body engaged.

To start the movement, choose one side first, let’s say the right one. So bring your right knee towards your chest as close as possible, towards your right arm. Then, return your foot, and do the same movement with left knee.

Repeat this for 1 minute and we suggest you start slowly and then increase the speed, but without letting the movement fall out. 


This one gives you benefits pretty much for all your body. It increases your strength on your upper body area and stretches the lower body area for more mobility and flexibility. It’s also very good in the sense that it keeps your blood flowing and not just stuck in one area of the body.

So the begin with, stand straight on the floor with your feet at shoulder width. Then, bend your hips along with your upper body downwards, so your hands touch the point of your feet. Start walking your hands frontwards with your legs completely engaged and extended, until you get to a high plank position, stay there for a couple seconds and return by walking your hands backwards now.

Once you can touch the point of your feet with your hands, you can repeat the movement. Do this for 1 minute. 

Plyometric Push-up

This is an amazing exercise that improves so many things for your body. It is kind of a challenge but it is so worth it! Just to mention some them we have: great muscle improvement and growth, joint and connective tissue health, fast muscle contractions and more strength and mobility, can you ask for more? It is explosive so you have to concentrate in engaging your body and focus in the movement.

The starting position is made by a high plank position, with your wrists directly under your shoulders and with the difference from others that you must separate your legs slightly more from shoulder width, so your body can resist the movement, now your in the starting position.

Then, do a normal push-up, bending your elbows so your body goes downwards, almost to touch the floor but it doesn’t. The important part starts here, once you do the push-up you don’t go up normally. You use your arms to explosively push your body upwards, so there’s one second where none of your upper body parts are touching the floor, not even your hands.

Once you come down again, don’t pause and do another push-up, and start repeating this movement. As a suggestion, if you don’t feel that confident with the movement yet, don’t go too fast. Repeat this for 1 minute, also, controlling your breathing is key.   

Bear Crawl

This exercise is in charge of building strength in every single inch of your body. It works on the core, and along with the movement, it also works on shoulders, arms and glutes. This is all about stability.

Start putting you hands and knees on the floor, they must be at the same width (shoulder width). Then, bring your knees up, and using your hands and the tip of your feet, to walk in this position. Do this for 1 minute or more.

Here, some other body weight exercises:

  • Prone walkout: It improves body rhythm, it works as a cardio exercises, strengthening your core and upper body. 
  • Burpee: Emphasizing on your arms, back, chest, core, glutes and legs. It is a very integral and high.interval exercise. 
  • Plank: It improves something different around all your body, increases your core, arms and legs strength, along with providing balance, resistance and relieves stress. 
  • Plank to push-up: Works on all the body but particularly on you upper body area.

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