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How to Focus in the Morning


Ever had one of those sluggish mornings where you can not even get a single thing done? Sometimes, getting a single task done in the morning can get chaotic really fast, and even getting a few things off your to-do list can get pretty frustrating.

If this has happened to you, we’ve gathered a quick guide on how to focus in the morning. From simple tips you can use to change your general habits, passing through natural supplements to enhance your cognitive functions, to quick changes you can make to your daily routine, there are ways to skip those sluggish mornings and turn them into something fulfilling.

So whether you want to make big changes to your life or simply want to start one task at a time, we’ve got you covered. Let’s start with some tips first.


Key Takeaways

  • There are certain activities or steps that you can take towards getting a better focus in the morning, starting from planning your day to establishing the most important task first.
  • You can also change your general routine by waking up at the same time every day or building a habit that can set your day in motion.
  • Other ways to get your day going include relaxing your mind or moving your body to get blood flowing to your body.
  • Starting your day with a cold shower can also be pretty helpful to wake you up without having any energy crash or secondary effect.
  • Lastly, trying a natural supplement with adaptogenic and nootropic ingredients like TUNE IN can be a tasty and versatile way to jumpstart your mood and cognitive functions.


How to Focus in the Morning

Getting the right step during the morning is key, and there are certain activities or steps you can take towards getting a better focus in the morning. 

From simple actions like writing down your activities for the day and planning your day to building up a routine by waking up at the same time every day, there are a few tips and tricks you can take so your morning feels more productive. 

Let’s go over some of the most important ones that we’ve felt could easily work without getting overworked by them.

Plan Your Day

Effective planning can be great for productivity, specifically if you want to get things done in the morning. Organizing your day allows you to set priorities, outline a clear roadmap for your tasks, and achieve more.

This practice can be beneficial if you want to set down all the activities you’ve got for the day, including those with a higher priority (more on this in the next section).

Overall, start this process by identifying your tasks, writing them down in a notebook or through a notes app, and then breaking them down into smaller steps and assigning time frames to do them.

Some people like blocking out times through a calendar app, and others prefer keeping a to-do list with different categories, from very important, important, to not that important.

Overall, find the way that fits your style as long as you can identify the tasks, the importance, and how much time you’ll take.

Accomplish the Most Important Task First

This is sort of a continuation of the last tip, so think of it as planning your day 102. 

Once you’ve got your tasks mastered, the next step is finding the most important task first. Some people like to put the hardest as the most important, while others tend to fixate on things like appointments or calls as the most important task of their day. 

Identifying and completing this task can make you feel accomplished, especially if you plan it for the morning and block out other activities for later on the day. This can help you reduce stress and anxiety and improve your time management in the long term. 

And quick note: this also applies to everyday chores, so feel free to apply this to house chores like making groceries or going for a run before starting on some built-up work.

Wake Up at the Same Time Every Day

This might sound obvious, but establishing a morning routine helps set a positive tone for the day. Try establishing a set hour to wake up instead of snoozing three different alarms, even if this means sleeping 15 more minutes.

While yes, this can help you feel awake, in the end, the consistency of a morning routine can help you get a better mental and emotional well-being, reducing stress and giving yourself a moment for self-reflection. 

Start your day at the same hour each day, but listen to your needs in the process. So if you ended 6 hours of sleep and 50 minutes to get all done, plan accordingly and slowly set up your schedule towards that goal. You’ll wake up feeling much more refreshed.

Relax Your Mind

Learning how to unwind, relax your mind to your daily tasks, and get things done in the morning can be a very strong tool. In this current state of the world, where you get bombarded by social media, regular media, work, and different life experiences, it is important to get a mental break to recover at your own pace.

Try using mindfulness, meditation, or music to avoid distractions before getting things done. This ritual can help you take your mind off other distractors (and your own thoughts) to get the drive to get your work done throughout your day. 

You can also try writing down your worries in a journal in a break to help you relax, but avoid mindless scrolling on your phone to “relax your mind,” as it can be a quick way of getting distracted instead.

Move Your Body/Go for a Walk

Getting your body moving is good for your general wellness and health and can give you a mood boost to focus on what matters. While yes, you can take a full-on working session, you can also do some simple stretching or take a quick 10-minute walk with your pet.

Whether you want to take a full-on jog or simply stretch for a few minutes, getting your blood pumping can help you feel more energized to focus on the things that truly matter. So before you stress on your tasks, stretch around for around 10 minutes to get more things done.

Devote Time Daily for Learning/Self-Improvement

Learning new skills can definitely give you a mood boost, give your brain a quick buzz to get the ideas flowing, and even make you feel productive just by crossing out that specific time for daily learning.

You can read 15 minutes of a new book, watch an informative video, read an article, or even study a Duolinguo or language app lesson. This task can easily get your ideas and cognitive functions started, so you don’t feel as “lazy” or tired whenever you sit at your desk and try focusing in the morning.

An alternative is investing in some courses on soft skills, which are non-technical skills that can help you in behavior, leadership, or cognitive functions.

You can try free or paid courses with smaller videos that include things like time management, problem-solving, leadership skills, or even reading faster. Try finishing a lesson, and you’ll be good to go. 


Small Changes to Stay Focused

Now, we’ve gone through some activities, but you can also make a few changes to your daily routine to switch up and feel more energized and focused.

Some include adding cold water to your shower, decluttering your workspace, getting a habit of centering yourself, or even trying a natural supplement for focus with adaptogenic ingredients and no caffeine to avoid energy crashes. 

Let’s take a look at some things you can change.

Start Your Day with a Cold Shower

This might be a change that can be pretty helpful in the long run. A cold shower will wake you instantly; some people even say it can change your mood without having any energy crash or “caffeine jitters.”

That said, if this change seems a little too strong at first, you can start by taking your regular shower, and once you’ve done your business, change the temperature for a quick shock.

You can also do this by washing your face with cold water if you can’t shower every day or if you just need a quick wake-up call before moving to your tasks on the day.

Declutter Your Workspace

Sometimes, getting your space full of items can make you procrastinate. Whether surrounded by books you haven’t read or simply with a lot of things you haven’t found a place for, you can feel distracted and stressed just by having things clutter up your workspace. 

Before you start working, you can start your morning by cleaning up your space and moving any stuff that might be distracting you away. 

Now, sometimes you don’t have the energy for a full clean-up, and that’s more than fine. In these cases, just move the distracting clutter to a place that won’t bother you until you finish your tasks or get some work done. 

With this, you can finish cleaning up later. Just make sure to do it the same day you know you have clutter in your place. This is key to building healthy working habits since it is easy to procrastinate on cleaning if you shove anything when you can’t see stuff.

Find a Repeatable Habit for Maximum Morning Focus

A great way to start focusing on a single task is to create a habit you do every day. This helps you set your day in motion, which can be from making your bed, pouring yourself some tea, or simply going for a 10-minute walk or mindfulness exercise.

Having a repeatable action other than work can set your day in motion by focusing on a particular thing at the moment and then slowly translating into the rest of the day, sort of like falling dominoes. Building this habit is key if you feel like your morning is too dispersed or you don’t have organization.

This activity can also be journaling, sitting down to check your tasks, or even focusing on doodling or working with mandalas, just try something other than your work to create this habit. 


Best Supplements for Focus and Concentration

Getting a supplement that can help you get tasks done is another way to kickstart your focus in the long run.

A safe and versatile way to enhance your cognitive functions, focus, and boost your mood is TUNE IN, a powdered drink full of vitamins, minerals, nootropics, and adaptogenic ingredients that can help you jumpstart your day.

This drink has many high-quality ingredients like ashwagandha root, Rhodiola rosea, and functional mushrooms like cordyceps and lion’s mane.

The mix of these ingredients with energy-boosting ingredients like alpha GPC can potentially support the production of more hormones to help you focus, including epinephrine for alertness and boost your general cognitive functions.

This drink comes in two delicious flavors: Pink Lemonade and Tropical Punch. With no caffeine and all-natural ingredients, you can mix this delicious drink with tea, water, juice, or even mix it in with other products to create delicious smoothies.


Final Thoughts

And with this last tip, we’ve got to the end of our guide on how to focus in the morning. Whether you want big changes like waking up at the same time every day or starting a new habit of self-improvement or learning, there are ways to make a change in your productivity and time management.

Remember, you can make small changes that do not require big ideas to stay focused, like starting your day with a cold shower, decluttering your workspace, or building a repeatable habit that can set your morning in motion.

Lastly, remember you can try natural supplements like TUNE IN to get a jumpstart on your focus, mood, energy, and general brain functions. Mixing and matching these techniques and supplements can slowly build time management and productivity skills. 

Start with small steps and master one action at a time, and you’ll get the hang of how to focus in the morning in no time.

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