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12 Foods that Boost Brain Power and Memory


The food you eat doesn't just give you the energy to run faster and jump higher, but aids with your brain power, memory, and overall cognitive ability as well. 

Although there are plenty of fantastic supplements out there that can help boost brain power and memory, there are also some really simple foods that you can eat on a daily basis to help accomplish the same goal. 

Let's get right to it and take a closer look at 12 foods that boost brain power and memory.


Key Takeaways

  • Your memory, cognitive abilities, and overall brain power can benefit from your diet.
  • Various antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, proteins, and more are all very beneficial for brain health.
  • Salmon, nuts, whole grains, coffee, and several other foods can all benefit your cognitive abilities.

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How Does Food Influence Brain Power and Memory?

The fact is that all of the different foods we eat have a great influence on memory and brain power. This all has to do with the variety of minerals, nutrients, and other substances that these foods contain. So, what nutrients are beneficial for your brain?

  • Proteins: Next to water, protein is the second largest matter in the brain, and it plays a very important role. Protein helps the neurons in your brain communicate with each other through neurotransmitters that are created in part from amino acids.
  • Amino Acids: Along with protein, the brain also requires amino acids for your neurotransmitters to communicate properly. It's shown that amino acids can help rebuild the brain after injury, and they can also help improve attention and cognitive flexibility.
  • Antioxidants: Some of the most important substances for the brain are antioxidants. Antioxidants can help counteract free radicals which have negative effects on the brain, mainly oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can lead to cognitive decline and neurodegenerative issues.
  • Anti-Inflammatories: Anti-inflammatory foods can help to decrease inflammation in the brain, therefore leading to an increased ability to remember. Anti-inflammatories also help reduce the risk of inflammatory related cardiovascular brain disease.
  • Vitamins: Your brain also requires vitamins to function properly, with vitamin B12 and vitamin D being two of the most important ones.
  • Minerals: Two very important minerals for the brain include iron and magnesium. Iron is especially important as it is involved in oxygen transportation, mitochondrial respiration, DNA synthesis, metabolism, and neurotransmitter synthesis. Iron is needed so your body can process calories into the energy that your brain needs to function.


Best Foods to Boost Brain Power and Memory

Now that we know exactly how food affects your brain power and memory, let's take a quick look at some of the best foods that you could eat on this front.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is not only delicious, but excellent for your brain as well. Dark chocolate is rich in a substance known as flavonoids, and these are very powerful antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation in the brain, combat oxidative stress, and even improve blood flow to the brain.

The brain is very susceptible to oxidative stress, therefore making chocolate a great addition to your diet. Dark chocolate may be able to help boost focus, alertness, mood, combat fatigue and the effects of aging, and improve the plasticity of the brain.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are very important because they help improve cardiovascular health, which means that your brain ends up getting a better supply of blood. 

Furthermore, whole grain foods are also excellent for your metabolism, which therefore helps to provide your brain with the energy and fuel it needs to function.

Whole grains allow for a slow and steady supply of energy throughout the day, which is very beneficial for the brain in many ways. Oatmeal, barley, brown rice, and whole grain pasta and bread are all excellent sources of whole grains.


Coffee might be your drink of choice in the morning to help wake you up, and it's a good choice, because all of that caffeine can definitely give your brain a bit of a boost. Caffeine helps make your brain feel more alert, which in turn helps you focus better.

Furthermore, coffee is also full of antioxidants, which can help neutralize free radicals and prevent free radical damage from harming your brain. 

Free radicals are of course very damaging to the health of your brain, and are closely related to age-related cognitive decline. Antioxidants are by far one of the most important substances for your brain of all.


Another food that you might want to incorporate into your diet to help improve your brain health, boost memory, and help with brain power, is salmon, or any other fatty fish for that matter. Salmon and other such fish are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for brain health in many different ways, and they can help manage stress, improve memory, produce more serotonin, and ultimately help slow down mental decline. Salmon is also very rich in protein, which is yet another important nutrient for the brain.


Blueberries might just be one of the most delicious berries out there, and they're also excellent for brain health. Blueberries may help to delay short term memory loss.

This may be due to the fact that blueberries are full of antioxidants, which help to protect the brain from free radical damage and slow down age-related neurological decline.

Blueberries are also full of anti-inflammatory substances, which can therefore help reduce inflammation to the brain. Furthermore, blueberries are also very rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, all of which can help benefit the brain in one way or another.

Olive Oil

We then have olive oil, a staple in the Mediterranean diet. Olive oil is rich in unsaturated fat, which helps to reduce LDL cholesterol levels, ultimately reducing plaque buildup in your arteries.

The less plaque you have in your arteries, the better blood can flow to the brain, which not only allows more nutrients to get to the brain, but also reduces the chances of suffering a stroke


Nuts like hazelnuts, almonds, and even walnuts can be very beneficial for your brain health. They are all rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, as well as vitamin E. These are all substances that can help support your brain health, especially in terms of age-related decline.


Turmeric isn't just a delicious spice used in Indian and Southeast Asian cuisine, but also a substance that can help provide you with better brain health.

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric, and this is shown to help by acting as both an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Turmeric may be able to help improve the oxygen intake of the brain, increase cognitive function and memory, and may even be able to help reduce the symptoms associated with depression.


Avocados are another great food to consider when it comes to improving your memory and brain health. 

Avocados are full of unsaturated fats, which by reducing LDL cholesterol levels can help reduce the risk of cognitive decline due to plaque buildup. 

Avocados are also full of many other vitamins and minerals, all of which can help maintain brain health in various ways.


As far as brain foods are concerned, beans and other legumes might just be some of the best out there. This is because beans are full of slow digesting calories that help to provide you with long lasting fuel all day long.

Furthermore, beans are also rich in protein, which as you can tell, is also very important for the brain. Beans are also rich in antioxidants, full weight, fiber, zinc, magnesium, and many other nutrients. 


As mentioned previously, B vitamins, especially vitamin B12, B6, and folic acid, all have their own specific benefits for the brain.

Well, eggs are rich in all of these vitamins, not to mention that they're also rich in proteins. Whether you eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, adding a few eggs to your daily diet could just be one of the best decisions you ever make.


MCT oil or medium chain triglycerides, which are commonly found in coconut oil, are also beneficial for brain health. Research shows that MCT oil can help improve learning ability, improve attention, increase short term memory, and more.

Pumpkin Seeds

If you're looking to boost your brain power, pumpkin seeds are a great way to go, as they are rich in zinc. Among other benefits, zinc can help to improve thinking skills and memory.


Best Supplement for Brain Power and Memory

If you’re looking for a good supplement to help boost brain power and memory, look no further than VYU TUNE IN. This is an easy–to-mix supplement that you just have to add to some water or your favorite beverage.

It comes in several flavors to choose from and is loaded with ingredients that have plenty of brain benefits. Just some of the ingredients include Rhodiola rosea, ashwagandha, cordyceps, lion’s mane, alpha GPC, B vitamins, and more!


Final Thoughts

As you can see, your diet can greatly affect the overall health and performance of your brain, so it might just be time to start incorporating some of these foods into your diet. 

If all else fails, something simple and effective like TUNE IN might just be your best solution. Take a look at the best drink for focus and concentration right here!


Best Foods to Boost Brain Power and Memory: FAQs

Let's quickly answer some of your most pressing questions about foods that boost brain power.

What is the Best Food to Boost Your Brain Power?

Any of the foods listed above are fantastic for boosting brain power, with something like salmon being one of the best of all.

What is the Most Powerful Food for the Brain?

Nuts, berries, and anything else full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and vitamins are excellent foods for the brain.

What Drink Improves Memory?

TUNE IN is by far the best drink for the brain that should be able to help improve memory, focus, and overall cognitive function.

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