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Does Bacopa Monnieri Make You Sleepy?


Bacopa monnieri, a root known in Ayurvedic medicine, has recently gotten the spotlight because of its cognitive performance effects.

However, the common question is whether this root can make you sleepy. While this supplement has generally been used to help with stress relief and cognitive performance, it can support your wellness goals completely differently than traditional sedatives.

The following article will explore how bacopa works, its benefits, whether it can make you sleepy, and the best way to adjust dosages and consume it safely.

Key Takeaways

  • Bacopa monnieri is an herb known in Ayurvedic practices used to boost cognitive performance and overall well-being.
  • This herb has nootropic properties, meaning it can help you sleep better, not a traditional sedative, but thanks to its general anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving effects.
  • While generally bacopa is known to be safe for most users, it is important to check with your healthcare provider to make sure it is the best fit.
  • Using bacopa with the right dosage can be difficult as it might need stronger doses, so the best way to avoid this is by teaming it up with other nootropics in supplements with science-driven formulas like TUNE IN.

Introduction to Bacopa Monnieri

Meet bacopa monnieri, an herb known as a staple in Ayurvedic medicine. 

Firstly used in traditional systems to help with brain fog, this herb is packed with a potent mix of bacosides, which are basically the active compounds believed to be behind its brain-boosting properties.

Traditionally, bacopa has been used to fortify memory and support your intellect, helping focus concentration and emotional stability.

Some users have also tried this powerful herb to help them sleep, and newer studies have confirmed this herb could help with blood, skin, joint health, and even cognitive functions thanks to its nootropics properties.

This herb has plenty of potential, which is why it has started a massive wave in the wellness space, especially due to its versatility and its ability to bolster cognitive performance and overall wellness.

Bacopa Monnieri and Sleep

A common misconception is that bacopa can make you feel sleepy, especially due to its nootropic properties. However, it does not act as a direct sedative; rather, it creates a balance that can support stress management, indirectly helping and improving your sleep quality.

This study discussed how bacopa can be used for enhancing cognitive performance, anxiety, and depression in the elderly through a placebo-controlled trial. 

Users showed enhanced memory recall and reduced anxiety and depression scores, which led to a more balanced mental state and, thus, a better sleep schedule.

This tells us that bacopa can promote restfulness and a better state of mind in general but does not act as a direct sedative like other herbs or roots, like John’s Wort, or compounds like CBD or CBN.

Cognitive and Health Benefits of Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa has the potential to help in different wellness areas, including memory, stress, and inflammation. Let’s explore this herb in more detail.

Memory Enhancement With Bacopa Monnieri

One of the main uses of this herb in traditional medicine is to help users with cognitive performance. Nowadays, we know that its memory enhancement properties are thanks to its neuroprotective and adaptogenic effects.

To this, research has shown in this scientific review that bacopa has the capacity to improve memory recall across multiple studies, specifically thanks to its influence on neurotransmitter modulation. 

Thanks to this and its antioxidant properties, this could mean bacopa can help with other cognitive functions like learning or focus due to its effect on balance and modulation of our nervous system.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Next on our list is bacopa’s potential benefit for stress and anxiety reduction. Thanks to its adaptogenic properties, this herb could be useful to mitigate certain stress and anxiety factors, including oxidative stress, which falls more into the “chemical” part of stress.

This study on older participants noted a significant reduction in both anxiety and depression scores after using bacopa monnieri.

These findings underscore bacopa’s potential as a natural remedy to enhance mental well-being, not only by addressing cognitive decline but also alleviating some psychological stressors.

This can also be further supported thanks to bacopa’s ability to indirectly help with better energy levels, neurotransmitter balance, and overall adaptogenic properties. These tend to improve users' general wellness, which can help mitigate stress.

Additional Health Benefits

Lastly, beyond cognitive enhancements and stress relief, bacopa’s rich anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties profile could help with broader health benefits. 

These can range from neuroprotection, both by having a healthier neural network and cells, to potentially shielding the brain against age-related decline.

This can greatly benefit people who suffer from chronic illnesses as well since anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties can provide a getaway to recover their general well-being, specifically in cases like arthritis, where pain and inflammation are part of the daily diagnosis.

While bacopa’s focus has mainly been on its cognitive and psychological effects, this herb's holistic approach and impact could bring plenty of value to your general well-being by providing a comprehensive approach and helping users reach a naturally balanced state.

Optimal Dosage and Usage

Knowing the right dosage for bacopa monnieri is essential if you want to use its cognitive-enhancing and other potential benefits. 

The recommended dose can vary depending on the form you are taking the herb in—crude, extract, or standardized supplement—and your specific needs and wellness goals.

In general, clinical studies often use doses between 300 and 450mg of standardized bacopa extract daily, mostly showcasing improvements in memory, attention, or stress management over several weeks to months of consistent use.

Recommended Dosages for Bacopa Monnieri

The general consensus between studies and traditional Ayurvedic practices often suggests a daily intake of anywhere between 300 to 450mg of bacopa extract, which often contains 55% of bacosides (the active ingredient in bacopa). 

This dosage range is considered safe and efficient if you want to improve memory formation and recall and general neuroprotective properties. However, users often see the effects after several weeks of consistent use.

For children and older populations, there might be adjustments in dosage based on body weight and sensitivity to this herb. Still, as with most supplements, it is important to start with small doses and always double-check with your healthcare provider if bacopa is a good fit for you.

Tips for Maximizing Absorption

To get the most out of this supplement, you’ll want to know how to hack the absorption and increase bioavailability in your system. 

For that, Ayurvedic practitioners usually recommended to consume it with a fat source, traditionally using either milk or ghee as many of its active compounds are fat-soluble.

This method of administration can potentially enhance the bioavailability of bacosides, allowing for better absorption by your body.

Splitting the daily dose into two or three smaller doses can help you maintain a consistent level of this herb’s active compounds in the bloodstream. You can also use a lower dose and mix it with other adaptogenic herbs to synergize the cognitive effect without relying on a single source.

Combining Bacopa With Other Nootropics

While bacopa is generally considered safe, the best way to take it is to have the right mix of supplements that can synergize with this nootropic. This way, you don’t have to rely on high doses to get the most out of this supplement. 

This is where TUNE IN, our versatile and delicious powdered drink supplement, can support your wellness goals.

This drink does contain bacopa monnieri and other adaptogenic and nootropic sources that can bolster your cognitive performance, helping with stress, focus, memory, and energy levels. Some of these all-natural ingredients include L-tyrosine, ashwagandha root extract, lion’s mane and cordyceps mushrooms, and B vitamins.

The mix of these key ingredients with a science-based formula can bring you closer to your wellness goals without having to sacrifice versatility or having to experiment with different dosages. 

Simply mix a scoop of the drink and mix it with water, juice, or tea, or blend it into a smoothie in the morning and get the best out of these genius ingredients without worrying about stronger side effects or feeling sedated by using other supplements.

Safety and Side Effects

While bacopa monnieri is generally considered to be well-tolerated by most users when taken in the recommended doses, it is always important to consult a healthcare provider before starting its intake. 

As with all supplements, it can have side effects, especially when taken in high doses, if used without proper guidance, or if the user is sensitive to how their nervous system reacts to this herb.

The most common side effects include gastrointestinal issues like nausea, increased stool frequency, or abdominal cramps. These usually happen as bacopa can influence the acetylcholine levels, which can stimulate digestive activity. 

Additionally, due to its calming effects, some sensitive users might feel slight sedation or drowsiness, particularly when starting the treatment.

That said, these symptoms or side effects are usually gone after your body adapts or by lowering the dose. However, users who have affections with the liver or thyroid might want to try other adaptogenic herbs instead, as it could alter the effectiveness of medications for diagnoses regarding any of these organs. 

As always, starting small and asking your healthcare provider is key, especially if you have any pre-existing health conditions or are taking any sort of medication.

Final Thoughts

Bacopa monnieri, recognized for its cognitive and stress-relieving benefits in Ayurvedic medicine, enhances overall well-being without causing sleepiness. It works by improving memory, reducing anxiety, and offering antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. 

This herb supports better sleep indirectly through stress management rather than acting as a sedative. Ideal consumption involves optimal dosing, possibly with fat for better absorption, and may be combined with other nootropics for enhanced effects. 

While safe for most, consulting a healthcare provider is recommended to ensure its suitability, especially for individuals with pre-existing conditions. 

Does Bacopa Monnieri Make You Sleepy: FAQs

Does Bacopa Monnieri Help You Sleep?

Yes, bacopa monnieri can help you improve sleep by reducing stress and promoting relaxation, but it does not directly induce sleep like traditional sedatives.

Is Bacopa a Sedative?

No, bacopa monnieri is not a sedative. It basically works by reducing anxiety and stress and balancing energy levels, which can indirectly promote a calming effect without directly sedating the user.

How Does Bacopa Monnieri Make You Feel?

Bacopa monnieri can make you feel more alert and improve cognitive function over time. It can also potentially support you with anxiety and stress. This can lead to a general sense of calm and well-being without the drowsiness often associated with sedatives.

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