• Silhouetted man facing a majestic mountain under a starry sky with clouds, creating a captivating fantasy scene

    How to Use Mushrooms for Brain Fog

    Discover effective ways to clear brain fog using mushrooms. Here's a guide on how to use mushrooms for brain fog.
  • Assorted multicolored mushrooms arranged on a gray surface, set against a stunning purple background featuring a tree in matching purple hues

    Best Mushrooms for Neurogenesis

    Did you know that some mushrooms may be able to make your brain grow? Click here to find out what are the best mushrooms for neurogenesis.
  • A man is sitting on a chair in a room, working on a laptop, with a coffee mug beside the laptop

    How Long Do Caffeine Jitters Last?

    Having too much caffeine does have its side effects: the jitters. Click here to learn how long caffeine jitters last and how to get rid of them. 
  • Stacked pancakes with strawberries and blackberries on white dish, set against black surface

    Should I Take Lion’s Mane With or Without Food?

    How you take your lion's mane can impact your experience. So, should you take lion's mane with or without food? Find out here.
  • A container of VYU TUNE IN in Tropical Punch flavor is placed on a road with mountains and some trees in the background

    Benefits of Reishi Mushroom

    Discover the amazing benefits of reishi mushrooms for your well-being. Elevate your health journey today!
  • Two VYU 300g TUNE IN containers with Tropical Punch and Pink Lemonade flavors, placed against a multicolored background

    How Long Does Alpha GPC Last?

    Alpha GPC has been deemed the ultimate brain boosting nootropic. But how long does Alpha GPC last? Find out here.

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