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Turkey Tail Mushroom Dosage Guide


Growing up to four inches wide, hidden deep in the wet, shady areas in temperate forests in Asia, North America, and Europe, we find one of the most amazing medicinal fungi ever known. Its distinctive bands of ivory, blue, gray, brown, red, and yellow radiate out in concentric circles, resembling the beautiful fanlike autumnal-colored tail of a turkey. 

The Trametes or Coriolus Versicolor, popularly known as turkey tail, has been used in Traditional Chinese medicine under the name of Yun Zhi for over 2000 years. Many scientists have tested it for its substantial digestive benefits, powerful immune-supporting, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant qualities.

There’s a reason why these are considered superfoods. Turkey tail mushrooms offer a wide variety of nutrients, including polysaccharides, prebiotic dietary fibers, antioxidants, sterols, triterpenes, and peptides. Moreover, it provides vitamins, and minerals, such as potassium, niacin (B3), riboflavin (B2), pantothenic acid (B5), copper, and phosphorus.

This particular mushroom is getting a lot of attention due to its multiple benefits for maintaining overall health and vitality. To take advantage of these benefits, knowing the recommended dosage of turkey tail is a must.

If you want to incorporate these mushrooms into your healthy lifestyle but you’re not sure how to properly consume them, keep reading down below to discover how. 


Key Takeaways

  • Turkey tail mushrooms, also known as Coriolus Versicolor, are a medicinal fungi rich in nutrients such as prebiotic dietary fibers, vitamins, and minerals, including potassium, niacin (B3), riboflavin (B2), pantothenic acid (B5), copper, and phosphorus.
  • Turkey tail mushrooms have immune-stimulatory and anticarcinogenic activities due to the presence of polysaccharides like PSK and PSP, which activate the immune system.
  • A healthy maintenance dose of turkey tail mushroom extract per day is 2,000 milligrams (or 2 grams), which can be consumed through tea made using the fruiting bodies' polysaccharides. It is recommended to test tolerance and avoid overdosing, which can lead to side effects such as nausea, vomiting, liver problems, and chest pain.


Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Dosage

Leading providers and researchers recommend consuming 2,000 milligrams (or 2 grams) of turkey tail mushroom extract per day to take advantage of its health benefits. This healthy maintenance dose activates an immune response for strengthening and balancing your body’s natural immune function.

Turkey Tail Tea Dosage

Many use the polysaccharides of the fruiting bodies as tea in Asian and European traditional medicine.

Read the following steps to make your own turkey tail mushroom tea with a proper daily dose:

  1. Chop or break up the fresh turkey tail mushrooms into small pieces to get more nutrients out of them. You can also include other healthy ingredients, such as turmeric.
  2. Place about one tablespoon in a saucepan and cover with two cups of water. 
  3. Put a lid on and bring to boil.
  4. Simmer gently for 20-30 minutes to an hour. Add more water if it evaporates.
  5. Strain the concoction and drink. 

This method of consumption is perfectly safe and suitable, as long as the mushrooms are fresh or dried adequately by a reputable supplier. You will experience effects and benefits within six to eight hours, depending on how fast your metabolism works.

While drinking tea is relaxing and beneficial, taking a capsule supplement is the best option for getting a potent and effective dose of turkey tail mushrooms. You can also find powdered turkey tail supplements, drink mixes, or tinctures available for humans and pets consumption. 


Turkey Tail Tincture Dosage for Adults

If you want to ingest turkey tail mushroom as a tincture, search for 100% organic, full-spectrum, pesticide-free options. Usually, they’re wild-harvested and produced with a dual extraction process to break down the chitin for the best bioavailability. This way, you’ll get a significant antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory activity.

Alternatively, you can chop or break up fresh or dried mushrooms into small pieces and cover them with vodka. Leave in a cool dark place for at least one month. Then, strain, bottle, and label.

  • To Boost your Immune System and Suppress Inflammation: 30 drops / approx ¼ teaspoon per day with or between meals taken in a small amount of water, coffee, tea, or juice for six weeks at a time.
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV): 1 teaspoon twice per day with or between meals taken in a small amount of water, coffee, tea, or juice. You may take it up to six weeks at a time or until symptoms have cleared.
  • Antibacterial: To inhibit the growth of bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella Enterica, refer to ½ teaspoon twice a day with or between meals in a small amount of water, coffee, tea, or juice. Its use may vary depending on the type and cause of the infection. 
  • Type 2 Diabetes: To reduce blood sugar levels and improve insulin resistance, add ½ teaspoon twice per day with or between meals in a small amount of water, coffee, or tea. Evaluate blood sugar levels for marked changes and consult with your healthcare provider to make necessary adjustments.


Turkey Tail Daily Dosage

One of the advantages of taking turkey tail supplements is that they are safe for long-term use. You can take them daily at 1-3 grams for up to seven years. If you're dealing with a chronic disease, such as diabetes or cholesterol, you'll want to keep a lower dose. 

Adverse Reactions

Diarrhea, darkened stools, and darkened nail pigmentation.


Research reveals little or no information regarding toxicity.


Turkey Tail Dosage for Pets

Usually, the harsh side-effects of chemotherapy can leave our four-legged friend depleted of robust immune cells. Currently, more and more pet parents are switching to safe natural-based products with tangible pharmacological benefits. 

Immunomodulators like turkey tail mushrooms work as a stand-alone supplement for easing chemotherapy symptoms or as part of a treatment plan to boost the immune system.

Holistic and conventional veterinarians use medicinal mushroom blends to help cats suffering from various health conditions.

Although animal studies for turkey tail have shown safe use, consult with your vet and ask for its medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment plan options if your beloved pet is sick. It may prolong its life expectancy, boost natural killer cells, reduce inflammation, and more.

It’s important to highlight that raw turkey tail mushrooms can irritate your pet's liver or cause toxicity because they don't have the correct enzymes that digest the fiber in mushrooms.

Although you can either cook turkey tail mushrooms for your pet, powder supplements, turkey tail extract, or chews may be a better choice for your pet as they have been tested for safety. 

Several manufacturers have created pet-appropriate supplements with inviting natural flavors for your furry friend's palate. Depending on the presentation, you can give it as it comes or sprinkled it over their food or between meals daily.

Every manufacturer has its dosage guidelines according to your pet's weight. Make sure the formula is for pets and not humans and follow them correctly.

Turkey Tail Mushroom for Dogs Dosage

  • Less than 25 lbs – half a scoop per day
  • 25 - 50 lbs – one scoop per day
  • Over 50 lbs – two scoops per day
  • As recommended by your vet

Turkey Tail Cats Dosage

  • 750mg 1/2 scoop, 1-3 times daily or as directed by your veterinarian. The dosage guidelines may vary from one brand to another.

Dosage Recommendations

  • The turkey tail mushroom dosage per day will vary depending on the accompanying ingredients in the mushroom supplement you choose to buy.
  • Your dog's weight and health needs can also impact the dosage allowance. If your dog is taking another treatment, speak to your vet before using a mushroom supplement.
  • If your furry companion shows sensitivity to a total dose for its weight, give them half their daily dose in the morning and the other half later in the day. 
  • Start with a small amount and gradually increase it to ensure tolerance.

Mushrooms are small but mighty. They could be edible, poisonous, or medicinally beneficial. Although recent samples have shown that fungi have been within our grasp for almost a billion years, scientists have only identified about 10% of mushroom species.

Though several anecdotal pieces of evidence supports the health benefits of consuming different types of mushrooms, we still need more studies to understand the effects and benefits mushrooms can provide us with. 

As fungal research continues, physicians and pharmacists around the world eagerly explore its beneficial medicinal qualities. Follow our blog closely to discover the majestic and varied mushroom kingdom.

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