How to Make Chaga Skin Cream

You’re probably aware of the numerous health benefits of medicinal mushrooms. You are likely infusing mushroom extract into your meals or drinks and enjoying the results!

However, the wide range of benefits these mushrooms provide suggests that they should not be limited solely to the kitchen and the dinner table.

There is an emerging trend among skincare companies of using mushroom extract in their beauty care products. And why would they not? 

Apart from the fact that mushroom extract is loaded with a ton of goodies that help the skin fight against inflammations and regenerate, we now know that the skin readily absorbs mushroom nutrients!

Our objective in this article is to teach you how to make chaga skin cream whose benefits to the skin are super impressive and will leave you yearning for more DIY mushroom skincare recipes!


Key Takeaways

  • Mushroom extract, particularly from chaga mushrooms, is rich in antioxidants and compounds that offer numerous benefits for the skin. It helps slow down skin aging, calms skin sensitivities, reduces inflammation, and promotes collagen production for improved elasticity.
  • Chaga mushrooms possess anti-aging properties due to their high melanin and superoxide dismutase (SOD) content. They protect the skin from sun damage, slow down the aging process by neutralizing free radicals, and restore the skin's elasticity by promoting collagen production.
  • You can create your own chaga salve at home using chaga powder extract, shea butter, cacao butter, coconut oil, and tea tree oil. The salve nourishes, cleanses, and moisturizes the skin, making it a cost-effective and natural alternative to commercial skincare products.


Medicinal Mushroom Benefits

Contrary to the common misconception that fungi are bad for human health, certain fungi are actually beneficial to your health and overall wellbeing.

These beneficial fungi belong to the Basidiomycota lineage – a group of more than 40,000 different species of fungi that include mushrooms and have incredible medicinal benefits.  

Even though there are quite a number of medicinal mushrooms, we’ll focus on chaga, and for a good reason.

Chaga mushrooms have a high oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) score of 1104 units per gram.

To put this into perspective, the acai powder equally famous for having a high ORAC score achieves only 165 units per gram! This demonstrates just how much more beneficial the chaga mushroom is.

Antioxidants mainly protect your cells from damage caused by highly reactive molecules (free radicals) that put a lot of oxidative stress on skin cells. 

When your body undergoes chronic oxidative stress due to environmental toxins or inflammatory foods, it becomes prone to many health conditions.

To avert such occurrences, we recommend using chaga mushrooms to help maintain a healthy and functional immune system. In addition, the chaga mushroom also contains high quantities of melanin and other compounds, thus elevating its position in the hierarchy of medicinal mushrooms.


Benefits of Chaga for Skin

Blueberries are widely regarded as one of the richest sources of antioxidants. Surprise, surprise! 

Chaga mushrooms contain 46 times more antioxidants than blueberries! The abundance of antioxidants and vital compounds such as SOD (superoxide dismutase) and melanin in chaga translates into overwhelming benefits for the skin.

Slows down skin aging: the leading cause of premature skin aging is decreased collagen synthesis. Chaga’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, and UV light protective properties may help reduce wrinkles caused by extended exposure to environmental stressors like UV rays, toxic substances, and chemicals.

Calming skin sensitivities: we’ve already observed that chaga mushrooms strengthen the body’s immune system. This, in turn, reduces skin allergies that foods or environmental triggers might cause.

Reduces skin inflammation: since chaga mushrooms have anti-inflammatory properties, they help relieve skin inflammations and irritations, thus combating skin breakouts.

Rich source of betulinic acid: betulinic acid is vital for healthy skin cells. Chaga mushrooms promote collagen production. Collagen is a protein that restores the skin’s elasticity. 

Check out our article about the benefits of chaga for skin for a more in depth look. 

Chaga Mushroom Anti-Aging

Chaga mushroom has anti-aging properties, which explains why it’s traditionally been used in temperate regions as a health tonic. It’s also been used to assist the body and skin withstand stress caused by extreme weather conditions.

Protects the skin from the sun: chaga mushrooms contain high quantities of melanin and SOD that protect the skin from UV rays. These compounds mitigate skin damage due to prolonged exposure to harmful elements.

Slows the aging process: The free radicals in the body resulting from overexposure to pollution, stress, and inflammatory foods are significant contributors to skin aging. The antioxidative properties of chaga mushroom help to neutralize these free radicals, thus slowing down aging.

Restoring the skin’s elasticity: Chaga mushrooms promote collagen production, which helps restore the skin’s elasticity.

Chaga Cream for Eczema

Chaga mushrooms have a high melanin content as well as anti-aging properties. The cream creates a protective layer over the skin and helps relieve irritations caused by dryness, burns, and rashes, making it ideal for combating eczema and psoriasis.


How to Make Chaga Salve

As people become increasingly aware of the benefits of medicinal mushrooms, the incentive to learn how to make mushroom-based face masks has never been greater. The chaga mushroom skin cream is one of the best skincare products for nourishing, cleansing and moisturizing the skin.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend top dollar on commercial skincare products when you can make your own chaga salve right at home! 

To make a chaga salve, you require:


  • Melting pot or a double boiler
  • Mason jars
  • Whisk


  • Real mushrooms chaga powder extract
  • Tea tree oil (or your favorite essential oil)
  • Extra virgin coconut oil
  • Shea butter
  • Cacao butter

Procedure (Double boiler method)

  • Add 9 tbsp of Shea butter, 3 tbsp of cacao butter, and 6 tbs. of coconut oil to the melting pot and mix everything thoroughly. Use moderate heat to avoid overheating the ingredients. Allow the cacao butter to melt completely.
  • Remove the mixture from the heat.
  • Add 10 drops of tea tree oil and the chaga powder extract. Whisk until you get the right consistency.
  • Pour the mixture into a mason jar and allow it to cool. Put the mixture in the fridge for 2 - 4 hours to solidify. Once the mixture has hardened, remove it from the fridge and store it at room temperature.

It would cost you roughly $82.87 to procure the ingredients needed to make a small jar of chaga salve. Prep and cooking time is roughly 5 minutes.



The immense skin benefits that chaga powder offers means it’s a must-have for anyone who desires to look after their skin. Here’s the thing, you routinely wash, buff, and wax your car to make the paint job last longer looking good, right? 

Well, your skin deserves similar treatment, if not better! In chaga skin cream, you have the answer to a brighter, younger-looking, healthy skin that will accentuate your looks and make you appreciate the wonders of nature!

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