Bodyweight Exercise Routine

There will be times where you won't be able to go to the gym, times where you won't have any equipment and not a lot of time but you still want to get a workout. You may be traveling or simply stuck at home with no chance to get that workout done.

This article is here to show you that you do not need a gym, a lot of time, or any equipment to have a proper workout routine that will work all of your muscle groups. Follow this routine and work your entire body, build strength, enhance muscle growth, burn fat, and improve your lifestyle. 

These exercises will work for anyone, from beginners to long time fitness advocates. The benefits of working out regularly go way past physical appearance, they will help you be more active, motivated, focused, and disciplined in any other activity. If you are a beginner we encourage you to try this routine and begin to enjoy the many benefits of working out that will surely change your life.

And, if you have been working out consistently for a while, we are here to show you that there is no need for a gym or any special equipment to get an effective workout.

Put on comfortable clothes, a proper pair of sneakers and have some water to drink. If you follow the rules you should be able to complete the entire workout in less than 40 minutes.


Key Takeaways

  • You can have a proper workout routine without a gym, equipment, or a lot of time, benefiting all muscle groups and improving strength, muscle growth, fat burning, and overall lifestyle.
  • The routine consists of 8 exercises that should be performed 4 times, with each exercise done for 30 seconds and minimal rest between exercises.
  • Proper warm-up and stretching before and after the routine are essential, and a one-minute break should be taken after completing each round.


Basic Rules

Do five minutes of any warmup exercise beforehand (jump rope, jumping jacks, jogging, etc.).

  • The routine is composed of 8 exercises
  • All of them should be done 4 times
  • Perform each exercise for 30 seconds
  • Have minimal to no rest between exercises
  • Take a one minute break after you finish each round
  • Stretch properly before and after



1. Mountain Climbers

Position yourself in a high plank stance. Keep your hands below your shoulders with your arms completely straight. Your body should also be in a straight line from your neck, through your butt all the way to your heels. Begin to bring your knees up to your chest alternating them as fast as you can. Remember to hold your posture and engage those core muscles. To make it easier, place your hands on an elevated surface to lighten up the weight on them.

2. Bulgarian Lunge

    Place one foot on an elevated surface behind you, it can be a chair, couch, or bench. Make sure it is sturdy and stable before performing the exercise. Keeping your back straight and lower your body by bending your front knee. Make sure that your knee does not go over your front toe to avoid injuries. Repeat for 15 seconds on each leg. 

    3. Pushups

      Position yourself in a high plank stance, hands below your shoulders and body completely straight from head to heels. Lower your body, making sure that both your chest and hips are going down at the same time. After that, use your arms to bring your body back up. Be sure to engage your core at all times and keep your body straight. Repeat. To make it easier place your hands on an elevated surface.

      4. Single-Leg Drop Squat

        You will have to stand up on a bench or chair, make sure it's stable. Remove one foot from the chair and lower your body by bending the opposite leg. Then, bring your body back up again by pushing through your heel and glutes to return to the original position. Change your leg and repeat.

        5. Squats

          Stand up straight with your feet a little bit wider apart than your hip length. Extend your arms with your palms facing down until they are parallel to the ground. Keep your back straight, your chest out, your head facing front, and your chin up.

          Then, proceed to lower your body by bending your knees and letting your hips and butt go back. It's the same movement that you would do to sit down on a chair. Ideally your hips should go below your knees but you can go as low as your body allows you. Come back up pushing with your heels and legs. Repeat.

          Remember to keep proper posture at all times. For increased intensity and leg work take one jump as high as you can when bringing your body back up, also you can wave your arms around you clapping your hands over your head.

          6. Burpees

            Begin by standing up tall with your feet below your hips. After that, squat down and take one jump back with both feet together, you should end up in a high plank position.

            Then, bring your feet back to their original position so that your knees are right below your chest and follow it with a whole body jump. Wave your arms around you and clap your hands over your head as you are jumping up. Land standing up and repeat.

            Be sure to maintain a straight back the entire time and to engage your core to avoid injuries.

            7. Step-Ups

              Once again you will need to use the chair or bench. Stand up straight facing the bench. Place one foot on top of it and push up to bring your body up and fully stand on it. Be careful that the bench is not too high, your knee should not go past a 90-degree bend, this way you will stay away from injuries. Repeat for 15 seconds on each leg. 

              8. Side Planks

                Position your body sideways, completely straight from head to toes. Extend one arm and place it right below your shoulder, bend it so that your body is supported on your forearm.

                Be sure to squeeze your core and lift your hips so they stay in that straight line between head and toes. Hold for 15 seconds and switch sides. To make it easier, place your hand on an elevated surface to reduce arm stress.

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