• Reishi Mushroom Latte Recipe

    Reishi Mushroom Latte Recipe

    Putting mushrooms to your beloved coffee? We know it sounds weird, but when you discover what these medicinal, adaptogenic mushrooms can do for you, you’re going to switch that thought into ‘Why didn’t I do this before?’ Mushrooms are more...

  • Woman following a full body circuit workout without weights

    Full Body Circuit Workout Without Weights

    If you don’t have the time to hit the gym, or go for a run—don’t worry. You can easily get a full body without leaving your house, and without even using equipment. Today, the routine you're about to learn is...

  • Man doing bicep workouts without weights

    Bicep Workouts Without Weights

    Working your biceps might be a little more complex than other body areas because most of these exercises require weights, dumbbells, or other types of training machinery. But for us, it’s important to deny this myth, as there are numerous...

  • Woman doing cardio exercises without machines

    Cardio Exercises Without Machines

    When most people think of cardio, they immediately think of spending 45 minutes on the elliptical or the treadmill. What most people don’t know is that with just a proper pair of sneakers and a little room to move, you...

  • Woman doing body weight exercises

    List of Body Weight Exercises

    Body weight exercises bring along a lot of advantages, like improving some serious functional strength that serves not only to workout and become good at it, but also for any daily activities you might have to do in which you...

  • Black tea with L-Theanine

    L-Theanine Dosage for Anxiety

    Finding the right dosage of L-Theanine for anxiety relief can be crucial for its effectiveness. Learn about recommended dosages and considerations for using L-Theanine as a natural remedy for anxiety in this guide.

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