Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Knowledge Workers, and Craftspeople – we live and thrive by the things we create. But sometimes the tap just refuses to flow.

Caffeine is a short-term fix with consequences. It cashes in on your energy reserves which ultimately leave you feeling depleted. We wanted a way to help people get more done and think clearly under stress. A way that would allow them to seize their days without anxiety, but still get a restful sleep at night. 

We created VYU to nourish your brain for the long term, replenish your energy and get more done.


Reach New Heights


At VYU, our mission is to help people reach new heights. We want to help you embrace the moment and accomplish more. Truthfully, the biggest thing stopping you from making life-changing improvements is… yourself. That’s why we’re committed to creating products that empower you to make small actions that compound into big results over time. 

Your life 10 years from now is the result of the actions you take daily. Your ability to concentrate fluctuates. Your mind doesn’t always cooperate.  But that doesn’t change the effort that your goals demand.  VYU is created to support those who are pursuing mastery in some corner of their life. Any master will tell you; what separates those who achieve mastery from those who don’t is discipline and focus. 

VYU is formulated to be a delicious daily ritual that will help you reach new heights. Your time is unraveling, minute by minute. Are you ready to make the most of the days you have left?