How to Make Mango Leaves Powder

Despite them being less popular than the fruit, mango leaves are jam-packed with benefits and therapeutic properties, which is why ancient cultures have been consuming them for thousands of years. 

Either chewed in their raw form or cooked into meals, people have been reaping their benefits for centuries. Nowadays, it’s fairly easy to get mango leaf supplements. However, the DIY route is a very popular option for many.

Check out this guide with everything you need to know about mango leaf powder and an easy way to make your own.

What is Mango Leaf Good For?

While the fruit of the mango tree is known as a great summer snack the world over, what about the leaves? It’s a little known fact, but mango leaves provide many unique health benefits, and they’re quite nutritious as well! In many cultural traditions, the practice of chewing mango leaves raw, as well as cooking and steeping them to make tea, remains common.

Mango Leaf Extract Benefits 

Today, the hidden power of mango leaves is gradually entering the public consciousness, and many supplements are available online in the form of leaf extracts. But just what are the reasons to go for mango leaf-based supplements?

Weight Loss

It’s true: much like the mango fruit itself, mango leaves are potent promoters of weight loss. Mango contains a lot of leptin, which accelerates the burning of fat storage and boosts your metabolism overall. 

The leaves of the mango plant in particular also feature a lot of papain, an enzyme that further aids in digestion, fighting feelings of bloatedness, as well as discouraging your body from packing on any extra pounds.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Mango leaves are rich in a compound called mangiferin, which has been shown in some studies to lead to more positive health outcomes in people suffering from chronic inflammation.

There is evidence that the anti-inflammatory action provided by mango leaves extends to the brain as well – hence, they might be effective in treating or preventing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and similar conditions.

Supports Clear, Healthy Skin

Many fruits and their extracts can purify, cleanse, and make our skin shine. Mango leaves are exceptional in this regard. Traditionally, dried or powdered mango leaves have been used in many cultures as a topical remedy for various skin conditions, including rashes, burns, cuts, and more. 

The antioxidants found in mango leaves also help prevent flushing and inflammation while giving the skin a radiant appearance and slowing down visible signs of aging.

May Ward Off Cancer

With fruit jam-packed with health-promoting vitamins, minerals, and other compounds such as mango, it might not be the most surprising thing to hear that its leaves have also been tried with success in managing several forms of cancer.

Indeed, mango leaves, with their bountiful concentrations of mangiferin, do not just fight inflammation across the body while promoting detoxification; they are also influential in preventing and treating skin, breast, cervix, prostate, and other types of cancers.

Mango Leaf Powder Benefits

Combining all the above and more fantastic health benefits unique to mango leaves, powdered supplements can be an excellent solution for those wishing to give their health an upgrade.

As a powder, mango leaf extract can be applied topically, but it can also be ingested, whether blended into drinks or added as an ingredient to a recipe of your choice.

Unlike raw or even cooked leaves, mango leaf powder can last for ages on the shelf without losing any of its nutritional value or going stale. It also tends to be more cost-effective by weight than buying mango leaves, let alone the fresh fruit.

Mango Leaf Powder for Diabetes

Mango leaves contain several tannins, powerful antioxidants that can help regulate insulin levels in many people with diabetes. Mango leaves have also been demonstrated to help with low blood pressure, often correlated with low insulin in people with diabetes.

Traditionally, the leaves would be powdered and either applied to the skin or added to teas or other beverages as a supplement. 

If you want to experiment with mango powder within your own diet, we can only recommend the Mango Leaf Powder by AYURA ORIGINS. It’s light on the wallet, comes in environmentally-friendly, attractive packaging, and the quality of the extract is superb.

How to Make Mango Leaves Powder

Maybe you have a lot of fresh mangoes lying around already, and you feel like making your own mango leaf powder at home. 

In that case, we have compiled this easy-to-follow recipe that should get you quick results without much effort

  1. First, take your fresh mango leaves, and cut them into roughly uniform strips.
  2. Lay your strips out on a plate or baking sheet, cover them with a cloth and let them sit in the sun overnight.
  3. The next day, uncover your mango leaves – they should look a bit dried and shrunk in size. Let them sit like this for about 5 hours more.
  4. After that time, cover them again and leave them outside for one more day and night.
  5. Once fully dried and crisp, put your strips into a blender and mix until smooth.
  6. Store your powder in a sealable container and enjoy!