How to Consume Chaga Powder

Many people are turning to nature as they seek to improve their health and wellbeing. The rise in demand for organic products owes to the fact that they are less harmful, cheaper, and pack much more health benefits than their synthetic counterparts. 

Chaga is one such product whose popularity has grown thanks to its numerous health benefits. This highly versatile mushroom can be consumed in many ways, and in this article, we discuss how to consume chaga powder.

What is Chaga Mushroom Powder?

Chaga mushroom powder is derived from chaga mushrooms – a type of tree fungus that grows naturally on wounded birch trees. This fungus thrives in the cooler climates of Northern Europe, Russia, and the Northern parts of Canada and the U.S.

Chaga also goes by the names clinker polypore, black mass, cinder conk, birch canker, and the sterile conk trunk rot. Physically, the chaga mushroom is a woody growth that resembles a clump of burnt charcoal.

Chaga powder is essentially chaga mushroom that’s been finely grated. 

In powder form, chaga exhibits a deep brown color with a tinge of orange. Most people prefer consuming chaga in powder form to utilize the mushroom’s medicinal properties. In this form, chaga can be consumed with various foods and drinks.

When is the Best Time to Take Chaga

It largely depends on the form in which you take the mushroom. If you prefer chaga in powder form, mornings are ideal because you can stir the powder in your hot cup of tea or coffee. Mornings are also ideal for people seeking an energy boost to take them through the day.

For others, consuming chaga in the afternoon with meals gives them a midday pickup, especially after a busy morning. 

Generally, the best time to take chaga depends on your routine and biological factors, which also determine the amount you should consume. Ideally, 1-3 cups of chaga-enhanced tea/coffee per day should be enough.

Health Benefits of Chaga Mushroom Powder

Chaga mushrooms have a lot of health benefits; little wonder they’re also called the “king of medicinal mushrooms,” “king of herbs,” and the “gift from God.” 

Indeed, for many centuries, chaga has been a traditional medicine in Northern Europe and Russia, where it was used to boost immunity and improve overall health.

Thanks to ongoing scientific studies, chaga is believed to provide numerous health benefits such as:

Boosting the Immune System and Fighting Inflammation

A growing body of studies suggests that chaga extract can boost immunity by mitigating long-term inflammations and destroying harmful viruses and bacteria. The compounds in the extract promote the formation of helpful cytokines, which stimulate the production of white blood cells that fight off harmful pathogens in the body.

Preventing and Fighting Cancer

Experiments conducted on mice show that chaga can hinder or slow down the growth of cancerous cells. When chaga extract was injected into mice with cancer, the size of the tumor reduced by 60%. Similar results were observed in a test-tube study investigating the effects of chaga on cancerous tumors in the human liver, colon, prostate, and breast.

The curative action of chaga extract on cancer is attributed to a special antioxidant known as triterpene, which, in high concentrations, is believed to kill cancer cells.

Reducing Blood Sugar Levels

Several animal studies suggest that chaga can potentially lower blood sugar levels and is ideal for managing diabetes.

In studies involving obese diabetic mice, researchers observed that chaga extract reduced their blood sugar levels by 31%. Other studies have corroborated this finding, suggesting that chaga might also help manage diabetes in people.

Lowering Cholesterol Levels

Consuming chaga extract can also benefit people at risk of heart diseases.

An 8-week study on rats with high cholesterol levels showed that chaga extract reduced bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides while upping antioxidant levels. Since chaga is packed with antioxidants, scientists believe that it can lower cholesterol levels in the blood, reducing the risks of heart disease.

How to Consume Chaga Powder

Having dispensed with the health benefits of chaga, let’s now focus on how to consume chaga powder. Chaga powder is obtained from chunks of chaga mushroom. For most people, chaga in powder form is more convenient and versatile. There are several ways to consume chaga powder:

Chaga Tea

The simplest way to consume chaga powder is by making chaga tea.

Put three tablespoons of the powder in a diffuser, tea ball, or teabag and steep in boiling water. This brew has a mild earthy flavor with a tinge of vanilla. To sweeten the drink, you can add honey or almond milk.

Chaga Powder Smoothie

If you love smoothies, here is some good news!

Once you’ve prepared the chaga powder for tea as described previously, keep the teabag or tea ball in the refrigerator for a few days.

Blend 1 cup of cold chaga tea, 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder, half a cup of frozen banana, and 1 cup of berries.

Add more chaga tea as you blend until the smoothie attains the desired consistency.

You can tweak this recipe by including your favorite spices for enhanced flavor.


These are fruit-flavored chaga mushroom powdered drinks.

How to Eat Chaga Mushroom Powder

If your daily chaga intake is high, you may also infuse chaga mushroom powder into your meals. Chaga’s versatility means it can be taken with various foods such as snacks, eggs, oatmeal, and puddings.


Eggs have a lot of calories, but they’re also brimming with good cholesterol and antioxidants that help prevent diseases and promote good eye health. Eggs also contain proteins, making them a good energy source and an excellent blood sugar regulator.

Infusing chaga powder in scrambled eggs is a great idea if you want to supercharge your egg recipe. The powder blends smoothly with the egg ensuring no interference with the taste and texture.

Pancakes and Muffins

If pancakes and muffins are your breakfast accompaniments, good for you! You can incorporate chaga tea in your muffins or pancakes and convert them into tasty, nutritious treats.

Chaga tea easily mixes with liquid ingredients making it easy to blend with other recipes.


Oatmeal is a great source of healthy carbs, fiber, and protein, making it a superfood for people keen on a simple but highly nutritious breakfast. However, you can go one better by adding a teaspoon of chaga powder to your oatmeal to boost your immune system.

Vegetable Salad

A plate of fresh chopped greens will rev up your energy levels and keep you going for the better part of the day. If you’re adventurous, sprinkle chaga powder on your salad or stir it into the oil and vinegar dressing to ‘nitro-boost’ yourself through the long afternoon hours.

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