Are Cordyceps Good for High Blood Pressure

The Cordyceps mushroom is known worldwide as a superfood and carries many unique health benefits. For centuries, Traditional Chinese medicine has found countless uses for this fungus, including as an aphrodisiac, as a treatment for fatigue, kidney disorders, and many other common ailments. However, are Cordyceps good for high blood pressure? Let’s find out in this article.

Cordyceps for Treatment of Arrhythmia

For many centuries, it has been known that the Cordyceps mushroom has the unique ability not just to control heart arrhythmia but even reverse it in some cases. Regular consumption of Cordyceps has also been shown to reduce the risk of cardiac attacks due to arrhythmia greatly.

Over the long term, Cordyceps seems to contribute a big deal to the overall health of the human heart, and effectively fighting arrhythmia is just one of the many benefits. For example, the Cordyceps mushroom increases blood flow to the heart, supporting the coronary vessels and decreasing the risk of several types of heart disease.

This is why the Cordyceps has long been approved for use as a heart arrhythmia treatment in its native China. 

Cordyceps’ Effect on Cholesterol Levels

Cordyceps should also be of interest to those suffering from high cholesterol, which is linked to high blood pressure and numerous other dangerous health conditions that can be fatal over the long term.

This is because scientis have shown that Cordyceps not just improves circulation and promote a healthier heart overall, but it is also highly effective in lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Cordyceps effectively reduces the buildup of LDL cholesterol (so-called “bad cholesterol”) in the bloodstream and prevents it from forming plaque.

Other Health Benefits of Cordyceps

Besides these, researchers have found Cordyceps to contribute to a whole host of other amazing health benefits. Let’s take a look at some of them below!

  • Cordyceps is renowned for boosting your energy levels and metabolism, improving endurance – for this reason, it has been used since ancient times as a performance supplement for athletes.
  • The mushroom also contains a whole host of anti-oxidant chemicals, which may reduce fatigue, improve skin quality, as well as increase libido.
  • The anti-aging benefits of Cordyceps go even further: in animal studies, it has been shown that the mushroom may have the amazing ability to prolong life expectancy by a noticeable amount!
  • Cordyceps is a potent cancer treatment, and it has been routinely demonstrated scientifically that it can suppress the growth of many different types of cancer cells in humans.

Best Cordyceps Supplements On the Market

If you want to reap all the amazing health benefits of Cordyceps we just discussed, you would be smart to add some Cordyceps mushroom to your diet starting very soon! Let’s go over a few of our favorite products that make this easy as pie.

Fresh Nutrition sells some Cordyceps Capsules that are a great option for anyone starting out. They are dosed at 1,500mg per serving – generous enough to let you enjoy the advantages and benefits of Cordyceps almost immediately – and a single bottle should last you a long time.

Fully vegetarian, made without GMOs and artificial additives, we see no reason not to go with these!

The Genius Brand sells some Cordyceps-based capsules under the moniker Genius Mushrooms. They’re not far off – Cordyceps has been shown to stimulate healthy brain function, among its dozens of many other benefits! 

A single bottle contains 90 capsules, and each cap contains 500mg each of Cordyceps, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane, respectively. This combination of medicinal mushrooms forms a holistic arsenal that promotes strength in body and mind, from aiding memory to reducing stress and fighting cardiovascular disease.

If you would rather incorporate Cordyceps more intimately into your daily meal plan, you could go for a powdered form of the supplement – such as the one by Om Mushroom Superfood.

One small bag contains 7 whole ounces of finely ground, natural Cordyceps extract, and only a teaspoon a day are enough to reap the wide variety of health benefits and perks that the Cordyceps provides!

As an alternative, also consider the Cordyceps powder sold by

Specifically targeted towards bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts, this Cordyceps powder is sold in large bags of 2 pounds each, and should contain more than your daily fill of the super mushroom for a long time to come. 

If you want to experiment with Cordyceps in order to boost your performance and surpass your workout goals, this would be a great option.